Sunday, June 12, 2016

Your Key To Life Is Learning New Things

I think I have done this from a little kid until now.  I always keep learning.  I read a tremendous amount of material online and often I have a book I'm reading.  There is so much out there to take in and sometimes it is overwhelming, but I do love to learn.

When I was traveling all the time for a job, I would save things to read for when I was sitting in airports or on an airplane.  Now that I'm not traveling, I'm not reading as much as I once did.  I still do read, but it is more online as I see it come up.

Learning is so vital to our experience as humans.  It is an important key to life.  It helps us explore worlds and create new words we have never traveled to.  There is nothing like the creation of some new exciting place from reading a book.  There is nothing like some new exciting thought that you create from being motivated by a book.

What truth have they discovered?

It isn't just reading that I use to learn.  I learn from other people.  When I find people who have a particular area of interest figured out, I try to see what it is that they know, that I don't.  What morsel of truth have they discovered?  What are they attempting to understand that maybe can spark something in my own mind.

Its easy to sit back and just be content with the status quo but I've never been one of those people.  I remember as a kid wanting to learn everything about every part of life.  Sometimes I was stomped on and not allowed to learn from all different sources, but it never quenched my desire.

Either use my mind or lose it...

For me, its either use my mind or lose it and at one point in my life I nearly lost access to my mind.  Maybe it is one of the reasons that keeps propelling me forward and learning more.  If we don't exercise learning new things, I think it tends to die off.

I think that learning is a wonderful part of being human.  It gives us so much more possibility and potential than we might know exists today.  It gives us a way to reach for the stars without the constraints of what others tell us is true or not true.  It gives us a personal connection from one moment to the next.

Learning gives us potential...

The more we learn, the more we discover.  The more we discover, the more we learn.  As we give into our desires to keep learning, it is then that we find more potential within our mind and body then we realized existed.

No matter what happens in life, keep learning.  Don't stop because you're getting in one of life's ruts.  Go out and push yourself into something you know nothing about and experience the wonder and high of learning something new.

Sometimes it is our fears that hold us back just as I wrote in a blog post, Believing Your Fears.

Don't let anything hold you back.  You can learn just about anything from any situation you are in.  Go for it with gusto.  Grab it with all the energy and power you hold within you.  Let it become your driving force forward in life and see where it takes you.

Your key to life is learning new things for when we stop, its when life loses its excitement.

Question Of The Day

What things are you learning in life that help you?  Please leave a comment below with your thoughts and answers.

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