Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Do You Check Your Mind At The Door?

This blog post might end up being a little sarcastic, but gosh darn it all to fancy flowers, it needs to be.  Every day, I observe and watch humans interact and every day, I'm disheartened more and more.  It feels like the majority of humans check their minds at the door.  So, yep, I'm off to a sarcastic start!

Watch what people pay attention to in a day.  I'd venture a guess that it is politics 101 remedial level.  Every morsel that is said from any political person or candidate is hung to as if it was the last molecule of oxygen in the entire world.  Its 24 hours a day and if someone in the political realm sneezes, 50% of the population is supportive and 50% of is against the sneeze.

It doesn't matter what the subject is these days.  It doesn't matter if it should be political or not.  People just love to hate and hate to love all the time exclaiming they are somehow superior in their actions and motives over the other person.  There is no listening.  There is no respect.  It is win at all costs even if it means taking the other person down.

Political, social media, everyday life...

If we move on to the subject of online social media, it doesn't get much better.  The garbage that gets posted there in a day could fill all the oceans in the world.  I'm sorry if you think your stuff is better than most, but the percentage of people actually sharing something worthwhile is pretty darn small.  Its almost undetectable. I wish there were more of the people who share good stuff!

Nope, I'm sorry, but sharing pictures repeatedly over and over along with repeated posts over and over that hardly say or do anything just so you get noticed is not really benefiting anyone.  Posting porn pictures constantly thinking this is good, feels more like a 14 year old kid that is seeing a naked person for the first time.  It feels about as immature as it gets.  There is just far too much garbage posted and again.  When people enter online social media, its like they are checking their minds at the door.

Let's not forget the countless email subscription lists of all this useful information that isn't worth two seconds of your time.  Let's not forget the gulping down of advertisements and products and claims that are lacking in substance.  Let's not forget about how much we just try to trick one another into believing something is true when it is not.

Too much superficial stuff these days...

I'm so tired of seeing people check their minds at the door.  I'm tired of seeing the mind-numbed robots so overtaken by media and videos and games and the so-called news.  I'm so tired of seeing politics and the latest news story of the day become more important than humanity itself.

Most likely I am preaching to the choir, but the choir is just as problematic as the minister himself.  Yes, we are human but right now we are failing one another.  We're more interested in the superficial stuff of the day, than in what truly matters.  We care more about winning than the people we trample over on the way to the win.

It isn't the politicians or the media or the leaders of our day that are the problem.  It is each one of us individually.  We make up those people.  We make up the world.  If we stopped doing the things we are doing, things would change so fast, our collective heads would spin off our shoulders.

Part of the problem or solution...

It doesn't start with all those people out there.  It starts within each one of us.  We have to make the choice that we aren't going to be part of the problem, but part of the solution in our own life.  We have to make the decision that we are going to start working to solve our own individual problems rather than proclaim to all others what is wrong with them.

You can continue to check your mind at the door if you want.  It is your choice to do this.  You can also choose to be part of a world where you make a difference, not add to unconsciousness that is so prevalent in every facet of our lives.

Like I have stated in the following blog post, maybe we should learn to respect others.


Question Of The Day

Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?   

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