Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Uncomfortable Places

They are numerous in life.  I've gone through many in my own life.  Uncomfortable places can be challenging, frightening, scary, disaster zones, horror, and nightmares.  At the same time, they can be life changing events.

All too often and especially when we are going through moments that seem beyond our capability to endure, we look for things we recognize.  We look for the familiar.  We want things that help us feel like we have stability and life isn't going to evaporate before our eyes.  It is human to be this way and normal, in my view.

When I was paralyzed and was watching my body slowly slip away from me, there was nothing I could count on.  When you lose complete control of your body and any connection to it, you've lost one of the most important parts of feeling connected and in control.  It is a frightening feeling.

Sometimes it was too overwhelming...

Through that experience and many others, I have learned that I had to walk into those uncomfortable places of life.  Now, it didn't mean I did it all at once.  Sometimes I took baby steps and I inched into it.  Sometimes it meant dipping my toe in the water and pulling back out of it.  Sometimes it meant it was just too overwhelming at that moment.

However, in order to heal and become more than we are in this current moment, at some point you have to face those uncomfortable places.  Some people will push through.  Some will retreat.  Some will say, never again while others don't stop until they've found the other side.

The more power I reclaim...

I've learned through some healing work I have been through that the more I go in and learn how to deal with the uncomfortable places, the more power I reclaim for my life.  The more I feel like I have discovered who I am to a greater degree.  The more I feel like I have risen to a different view point of what I can now see, rather than what I thought I could see.

Yes, there were fears.  Yes, it was difficult.  Just for me learning how to sit up in bed and walk again, imagine if I would have said, "I'm not going into that uncomfortable place."  It was through the struggle that I learned how to reclaim my body and walk again.  It was through the struggle that I learned I was strong enough to face the things that later would show up on my path.

A never-ending path of learning...

Life is a never-ending path of learning.  Life presents us with choices and possibilities and moments where we become more than we are.  Life is about walking through those uncomfortable places to find so much more than we know exists in this moment.  I know it isn't easy, but neither is stopping at the water's edge of uncomfortable places.

I am including a blog post from 2012 for further reading, Allow The Process To Unfold.

Question Of The Day

What are some of your uncomfortable places that you've been in and how did you find your way out or are you still looking for the way out?

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