Friday, June 3, 2016

Are People Confusing Beliefs with Truth

Time and time again, this topic gets on my nerves.  We as a society (maybe as a world) confuse facts with opinion.  We think that just because it is our opinion or belief, that it is fact.  This could not be further from the truth and that is the truth in how I see it (just so we are clear).

On this blog, I try my hardest to write from my experiences.   The  things that I have seen or witnessed or experienced firsthand.  However, I try not to stop there.  It isn't just the one time feeling of an experience, but the repeated moments when I see something transform and change before my eyes.

We had to believe without question...

I grew up in a home where we had to believe what my dad and mom told us to believe.  We had to believe without question what the church and minister told us to believe.  We had to believe and accept as fact, whatever it was that the teachers taught us to believe.

There was no questioning it.  There was no moment of not believing it.  You either accepted what was told to you as THE TRUTH or you were considered to be a bad person.  You were a lost person that needed to find your way.  You were a deviant that would be severely punished.

Unfortunately, what I've now found through some very difficult experiences in my life is that most of what I was taught, really doesn't hold one ounce of water.  As bad as my programmed and brainwashed mind wants to believe that what I was taught was true, I know deep in my heart that it is not.

You see, we often get taught opinions and beliefs as if they are THE TRUTH.  Unfortunately, when we are not allowed to question those things, that is not truth.  It is called control or brainwashing or being very narrow minded.  I'm sorry if I am ruffling feathers here, but again, I am sharing with you what I have learned from my experiences in life.

My truth may not be your truth...

My truth may not be your truth.  My beliefs may not be your beliefs.  My opinions may not be your opinions.  After all, we are all unique and different and we have brains that process different input in different ways.  How could we all hold on to the same beliefs, opinions and truth as if there was only ONE way of looking at things.

I do realize that in our society, it is easier to form societal group units if we all adhere to one way of looking at things or one set of beliefs disguised as truth.  However, this is not the sign of a healthy civilization that is growing in awareness and consciousness.  In my view, this is the mark of a controlled people to get in step behind whoever they look to as their leaders.

There is a much different world out there then what we were taught as children or that we adhere to as adults.  I believe more and more people are beginning to see this and to me, it gives me hope.

I try to write from my experience...

I may fail from time to time on this blog, but I try hard to write from my experience, not what I believe to be TRUTH.  Experience always conquers opinion and beliefs because it is something you can see and touch and usually repeat.  Belief and opinion changes from person to person and throughout the ages.

The most important part of this blog post that I hope you take away is to be careful of confusing facts or the truth with beliefs or opinions.  Realize that maybe your way of viewing things is not the way everyone else sees that and be okay with this.  Realize that what you know today may not add up tomorrow in what you see and understand.

If we all are aware of how we confuse facts with opinions, we'll advance this world in ways that are hard to imagine.

Do you want to read more on the subject, check out truth that we believe in.

Question Of The Day

What ways do you spot whether something is fact or beliefs? 

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