Wednesday, June 22, 2016

We Can Do Better With Social Media

It blows my mind just how mind-numbed we are in a day.  I see it online in such a big way that my brain cannot even begin to comprehend it.  I wish it was different.  I'm trying to be different with my news feed, but some days I wonder if I am losing the battle.

People love to click on tweets and Facebook posts, but the majority of the time, they have never read what they are clicking on.  People like and favorite all day long, but if you're not reading the content, how can you even know that it is something good?

Don't get me wrong, I love people sharing and liking and clicking on my content.  I really do!

The ones that go on and favorite or like or share something who have not even read it are more a part of the problem than they realize.  I'm sorry if that sounds harsh and brash, but I hope we can do better with social media then we do.  I'd love to see us use it to help enhance our civilization, not just pass on stuff that has absolutely no value to it.

Those that leave a comment based upon the a few words telling you what you should know as if you didn't know already, have not even read the article.  Its easy to spot.  Yet, they are telling someone that you should do this or live your life this way or some other meaningless statement.  This is an insult to someone that writes and tries to help elevate the discussion.

Don't get me wrong, I love people interacting with me on social media. 

We can't go through life just clicking and liking things without knowing what it is that we share.  We've got to do better.  We've got to be more if we want the world to survive.  Just being a mind-numbed robot does nothing positive for this world.

We've got to be better than...

We've got to be better than those who just write horrible messages especially in a time of tragedy.  We've got to be better than those that seek to make everything into a political statement and narrow everything down to an issue with only two sides.  

We can do better...

We can do better with social media if we want.  We can be part of the problem and check our brains at the door.  I want people to challenge one another to be more than they were the day before and we don't do this by mindlessly trolling along twitter or Facebook with our inauthentic comments.

There is much in a day that is useless and I would be ashamed if I had written it or shared it.  Maybe my standards are too high, but why do I want to waste my precious hours on things that take me nowhere?  It doesn't make sense.

Let's find ways to do better with social media.  Let's elevate the discussion to be more than we are today and help others do the same.  I know we can do this.  I know we can be more than we are.  It just takes each one of us making the choice.

Question Of The Day

  • How are you helping make social media better?

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