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Truth In The Body

One of the best ways to discover the truth in life is by listening to your gut, body, intuition and your mind.  If you truly have come to know these parts of yourself, then the messages they send will be clear enough to get your attention.  All too often, humans are so induced by the mesmerizing parts of life, that they fail to see what is standing directly in front of them.  Listening to your body is not a mental exercise, it is felt in the body.

How do we listen to our gut?
One of the best ways is to give silence to our life during the day.  We constantly run here and to, not giving one ounce of concern for our physical, mental or emotional body.  We think that as long as we are running at top speed, that we are effectively living our life.  Just as a muscle needs renewed energy to continue functioning, so do we need renewed energy to perform at peak efficiency.  By not stopping in life, we take away the ability to renew our mind and body.  The stress of our days and the demands upon our time make withdrawals from our life until we realize through the pains or health conditions we face, that it is time to start taking care of our body.

Find The Truth In All Things
In any teaching or any dissemination of information, there is that which is truth and the rest is filler.  We all do this to some point because it is part of our nature and most of the time, we don't know any better.  We do this because we are unconscious and not fully aware of our self in the space we occupy in this universe.  Instead of accepting that which is being taught or stated, learn to look for the truth within these things.  What truly makes sense from the viewpoint of the observer, and what does not add up.  Even if someone means considerable amount to you, some of the morsels they feed you are truth to your mind and body, while others are their beliefs.  The biggest point to consider here is to not just follow blindly what they say but question and search for the truth within what you hear. 

Experience It In The Body
I am often amazed at how people hear something and they immediately go out and proclaim it from the rooftops as the ultimate truth.  They do not necessarily question it or experience it, but they act as if they are Moses coming down from the mountain with the ten commandments.  However, if you experience something within the body and your consciousness and awareness truly change, then you have something to explore.  If there is a change in the physical part of the body, than by all means, claim the truth of this moment as your own.  Don't be blinded by this moment and stop searching for further truth and awareness in your life. 

Truth Is An Ongoing Search

We should never stop in our footsteps and declare we have found the truth.  For if we feel we have arrived at our place in life, then we will have missed what lies before us and we likely will be misleading others close to us.  It is easy to proclaim you have the truth, but it is much more difficult to allow others to see your path unfold in all of its glory and all of the failings.  Truth is not a one time event.  It is an awareness that builds more and more into a greater consciousness until we leave this earthly plane.

Not In Our Time

Even if we think we have our life laid out before us or we do some type of work that supposedly shows our path ahead, truth and awareness is not perfected in the time line of the ego.  We can often trick ourselves into believing many things, but it is only through allowing the moments to unfold in their own way, that we find the truth.  What may seem like a lifetime to some, may be a fulfilling life to someone else.  Time is only a measurement here on earth.  Let us not get into the trap for others or ourselves, by claiming we must progress at a defined pace set by some person's system of belief.

Failings Are A Must

At one time, I thought to fail meant I was fundamentally flawed.  I saw it as a sign of weakness.  I felt that I did not understand what was going on in my life.  As I grew in awareness and consciousness, I soon began to learn that it was my greatest teacher, if I allowed it to be.  If I went through life, hating every little failure that I could see, I was guarding myself from the truth I was seeking.  When we are so critical of our self, we close our-self off to that which we so badly want to see.  Let us learn from our failures and embrace them as monumental growing moments of our life. 

In Conclusion
Truth and awareness is only what we allow ourselves to see.  Becoming conscious does not originate in concepts, but in the body.  Connecting the mind and body together as one, is the spark to further awareness and truth giving way to greater consciousness.  Blindly following what someone else says may be a matter of survival, but ultimately it keeps us from ourselves.  Yes, it would be easy to succumb to the truth and hyperbole of our day, but at the end of our life what will it profit us?  What will we gain from a life that follows the truth of other people, rather than our own truth from within our mind and body?

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