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Difficult Moments Of Release In Life

Difficult Moments Of Release In
Life Consciousness
Sometimes when we release things in our life, it can get ugly.  While many may want to create a system of beliefs, practices and rituals around things you release, it all boils down to a normal biological part of our mind body connection.  It is more of a simple truth where the answers are within you, not somewhere else in the belief system of another person.

Humans don't like to suffer or go through experiences that aren't pleasant.  Humans would rather live life like a fairy tale where things are beautiful and happy while the big bad witch is kept in the dark evil forest.  After all, why not only see what looks pretty and great rather than connecting with something deep inside that appears ugly, unpleasant and sad.

If we look at the difficult moments in life that they are something to be despised, or something that indicates a malfunction in our life, than how much are we putting limits on our life?   Instead of these difficult moments in life being a malfunction, what if we viewed them as an opportunity of growth?  If we saw these things that we encounter as something that is a part of our life and a message to grow in awareness and understanding, would they still be a malfunction?

How many times have you gone through something in life, only to find out later that as you look back, you see just how much you grew or learned in these moments?  In this difficult moments you were experiencing, you could see nothing good as a result.  It may have been some of the most horrible and ugly moments in life and at the time, you wondered how you could ever make it through these things.  Yet, somehow you did and when you arrived on the other side of them, the picture looked much different.  The further you progressed from these moments, the more you could see something you had not seen.

As you moved further in your life from all these difficult moments of release, and you saw how much you had learned, no one would need to prove to you just how valuable of an experience this was.  You would know first hand that even though this had been a rough journey, some beautiful awareness and consciousness came out of it.  You would most likely see the entire experience in a different light now than when you were going through it.  The awareness and consciousness of the situation would be one that would give you deeper insight to your own mind body connection and give you further tools for your days ahead.

Let's go back for a moment to how we view the difficult moments in life.  We may be experiencing these moments right now and looking for answers anywhere we can look.  We may be wanting someone out there to give us the answer, take this ugly part away from our life and lift us out of our despair.  However, we need to tread the turbulent waters with caution because while someone may be able to help shine the flashlight on our dark path we currently experience, the flashlight is not the answer.  If we don't allow ourselves to go in and find the truth that we need for our life, we will be robbing ourselves of who we are and who we can become.

These moments are there to help push us forward and help us evolve as humans.  Even through the difficult moments of release in life, there is something that our biological consciousness is striving to help us see.  We are hardwired to evolve and grow in awareness and consciousness, even in the difficult moments.

In fact, we may not want to look at these things as horrible malfunctions, but as moments of tremendous growth in our lives.  I understand that if you are sitting there in the midst of some horrible life moments, that this may seem like a fantasy world.  Most likely I would agree because I've walked so many times in those same shoes and thought the same things.

However, if you go back to points in your life after you have come through horrible moments, and then began to see what you got from those experiences, let your mind and body be wrapped in this energy.  Let these thoughts guide you and help you take steps forward, discovering a new awareness and consciousness about life.

The way we choose to look at a situation and how we choose to look at our life is the way forward.  The answers to the situation we face are within us, not in some source that is acting as a flashlight.  May each one of us have the courage to go through the difficult moments of release in life and allow ourselves to find greater truths of awareness and consciousness in our mind and body.

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