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Believing In Our Memories

Believing In Our Memories

In the book, You Are The Answer, by Michael Tamura, states on page 168 that "we have such power and ability to make these pictures come alive that we end up believing in them more than we do in ourselves". While this may sound like a simple truth, it is much more real in our every day life than we may want to admit.

We all have memories and we form those memories out of pictures or images of these moments imprinted with emotions when they were created. The memory pictures of our mind are created beginning at an early age and continue to our current moment. Often these previous memory pictures play over and over throughout our day.

The more I understand and learn about how our memories work and how the mind functions, I am becoming increasingly convinced that our unconscious mind plays these moments from the past over and over many times a day. It is almost like a steady stream of information that impacts our current moments.  Yet we are not aware of what these thoughts are.

We know they exist, but in the moment, we cannot articulate them or identify them. The memories are however present and operating at peak speed. Believing in our memories is not something we choose to do, but it is something that happens automatically in our life.

I like where Michael Tamura talks about letting go of these memories. They will always be there with the emotions that we felt in these moments, but we can learn to let go of them. We can choose to focus our mind on something different and we can choose to not be our thoughts.

Yet, these words are difficult for most, including myself. When these old tapes play over and over, it is hard to change the rotation in the radio station. It is as if the station manager has the door locked and will not change the records being played.

I'm finding that hypnotherapy and some other recordings that I am listening to each day are really helping to give my mind a different input source. It is almost like my mind is being forced to stop with the old tapes and then replaced with something different. The replacement is new connections and nerve synapses that allow my brain to focus on a different or opposite message to what plays constantly in my mind.

It is so easy for us to just succumb to the thoughts of our mind each day and believe the memories we have always listened to in our life. It is not as easy to fill our minds with a new input that gives us a more positive outlook on life.

In this regards, it is not just about focusing only on our logic mind, but on finding the source of these painful moments and learning to let go. These memories are stored in our minds, but they also have homes within our bodies and by only focusing on one storage compartment, we offer limited healing to our lives.

May we open up to the awareness that our thoughts are actively running in our mind each day. The more we feed them and the more we allow them to replay, the less freedom we have. In the same token, the more we get in touch with these highly charged memories and stop believing in our memories, the more freedom we will have in our mind and in our body.

Books:  You Are The Answer by Michael Tamura

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