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Dream Diary On The iPhone Using Momento App

Dream Diary On The
iPhone -Momento App

I've got an app on my iphone that I just love called Momento. Momento is a diary writing app that lets you record your thoughts for any given day and then export the file to your computer. It works so good and I use it frequently for recording my dreams.

In the past few months, my dreams have picked up, but the thing is, I often forget what I dreamed about at night. Sure, sometimes I think my dreams are a way my mind does a defrag, but there are other times, I get the sense that my dreams are more than that. So I attempt to record everything I dream about.

The thing is, if I don't write it down or even jot down a few notes before I get out of bed, recalling the dream vanishes in my mind. I might be able to remember one little thing about it, but the rest of it is lost. The only way I can recall and remember my dream is by keeping a dream diary on my iphone.

The momento diary app on the iPhone is not just for a dream diary. You can record any thoughts you have. One nice feature is that I can look at a monthly view and see if there is a pattern of what nights I dream and what ones I don't. I just find it fascinating to view the frequency.

In addition to Momento being an easy iphone app to use, I like the ability to export what I record in the app on to my computer. I do this easily through the iTunes interface. It gives me a running diary of my dreams. It is always fascinating to go back and read through these various recorded events.

No longer do I worry about not being able to keep a dream diary. I know that remembering and recalling dreams can be difficult, especially if I have come back into reality out of the dream state. Having the ability to record them before I get out of bed or right after they happened, is something I am happy that is available to me.

As I record dreams, I try to stay to what facts I can recall and not embellish or fill in to many details. Sometimes I record a sense of what I was feeling and if I have my pulse meter close by doing the dream, I often take my pulse. It is amazing how our mind works and even though we might be in a nightmare, our body does not always reflect the same in our pulse rate.

So, if you are like me and want an easy way to create a dream diary so you won't forget your dreams, try the Momento iphone app. I am not sure if it is available for other platforms or not. This little app will help you record those dreams that you may otherwise miss and when you store them on your computer, you will have a long term record of these dreams.

Download Momento iPhone App (on iTunes)

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