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Biological Mind Body Connection

Biological Mind Body

Sometimes when we begin to go in and connect the mind and body together, we come upon places in our life that sometimes appear rather ugly.  They are the parts of us that we often avoid and can make us feel very disconnected, depressed and angry.  These places are usually where growth can occur, but in many ways the fears of going into them, prevent us from reclaiming our power. They are part of the biological mind body connection.

Time and time again in my own life and that of other people I have witnessed, life can get very rough before it gets better.  Events from our past including trauma, stress, abandonment, or other horrible acts that we inadvertently become part of, can yield a toxic build up in our biological mind body connection.  In these moments, the energy of these events we experience, has no place to exit from our body and mind.  The energy then become stored and
locked within our body, connected to the memories and emotions in our mind.  It almost becomes like a toxic build up in our cells until we find a way to let go and release it.

The process of letting go and releasing this toxic build up in the biological mind body connection can take considerable time based upon our experiences.  It all depends upon the person, what they have been through and the tools they have to deal with these situations.  Support of people close to them plays a key role in how these experiences are processed.

As we begin to let go, we end up confronting these moments of our life as toxic storage areas in our body.  Often, we will see them rise to the surface as body issues, when in fact the particular area in the body that is uncomfortable to us, is not the entire story.  In fact, it may be the gateway into the mind body connection for a particular experience.  It is important to note that the particular experience is not the most critical part of healing these toxic buildups.  In fact, just identifying the connection and allowing yourself to be in that moment with this uncomfortable place can heal much more than you may want to believe.  By going into the difficult moments of life through these connections, we can reclaim much energy for our life.

Often, when people begin to face these moments and begin to change in their life, their bodies may hurt, they may feel sick with flu or a cold type symptoms, or their emotions may be all over the place.  From depression and tears, to feelings of hurt, anger and pain, the toxic buildups can come close to overwhelming the body and the mind.  If we come from courage and confront our fears, these toxic places have the opportunity to be released, when we choose to allow this to happen.

While one may feel that releasing these things is only done mentally, it is important to understand that there is a physical and biological component in the body.  In order to completely release and let these things go, one needs to access this awareness through the gateways in the body or the places of pain and discomfort.  Once you begin to access your awareness and consciousness through these parts of the body, the mind will expand and grow in ways you may struggle to understand in this moment.

As a human civilization, we seem to take the easy road of avoiding the biological mind body connection.  We speak about it as if it is our truth, when in all reality we fail to completely understand what it is.  Connecting our mind and body together is more than mere buzzwords.  It is an action that brings us closer to the point of knowing ourself and listening to the body issues coming up so we can transform our life through consciousness and awareness.

When we go within through all of the pain, hurt, emotions and trauma, past the fears that arise, we then find the opportunity of transformation.  Yes, a great deal of healing is mental exercise, but if we forget the biological and physical component, we will be as if we are on a ship sailing through the morning fog.  It is only when we put on the fog lights of awareness and consciousness, connecting to our bodies, that we will see through the fog and fully understand the sea of consciousness we are sailing.  The more we understand and the more aware we become, the more we will truly realize the biological mind body connection.

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