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Update To Unlimited Abundance Blog Post On May 13

Update on May 13, 2011 Post
Unlimited Abundance
I find it quite amazing that a blog post written several months ago in May 2011, would be still generating the traffic and responses that it is.  When I wrote this blog post, I was just sharing my thoughts and concerns with this particular system.

Read May 13, 2011 - Unlimited Abundance

My frustration was getting sales propaganda shoved in my face for $999 before I even knew what the program was about.  The only thing that these people got correct back in May was the selling part, not the actual “information” part.  This is a major part of what the blog post was about at this time.  After not getting anywhere, I finally just unsubscribed from this place and went on with my life.  After all, I didn’t know who this place was that was sending me the sales propaganda. 

So now, let’s fast forward several months.  The company and this person had another webinar.  Again, the technical planning was atrocious, but they did make the webinar available to everyone who could not get in to see it.  Ok, case closed on that issue because I finally got to see the webinar. 

In fact, I finally signed up for the product to see if it was as good as it claimed to be and I have up to 90 days to decide or I can get my money back.  I just started to download and listen to it, but right now I don’t wish to comment any further until I have had a chance to go through the program.

I have had countless emails perplexed at me why I am so resistant to something that is so good.  Obviously these people did not read any of the comments at the end of the post on May 13, 2011 because they would have seen that I actually had tried it.  I’m still scratching my head in amazement at that one. 

In addition, there have been far too many emails assuming I could answer questions on this company and program when I’m nothing more than a customer.  I have absolutely no connection with this place or with their customer service. 

Then there are the ones that feel this is an opportunity for them to leave comments with links to other programs and further sales information as a comment.  Again, I stand amazed that someone would feel this is appropriate to do.  Of course, those comments don’t get approved and the comment policy on this blog covers these issues.

This blog is about mind body thoughts when it comes to healing and awareness.  Yes, abundance does fall into this, but I do not want my entire blog to be about this one product (I’m purposely not saying the name of it so that this blog post does not become indexed in searches).  This is not the emphasis of this blog.  I never thought when I wrote that blog entry so many months ago, that it would get the attention it has.  Because of trying to keep my blog focused on the purpose I feel it has, I don’t keep writing about this subject and offering every little detail, every moment of the day.  If I did that, it would consume this blog.

I am recording my notes, observations and thoughts about the program as I go through it, but I’m not going to share that each day.  When I get far enough into it or near the end, then I will write about everything at one time.  Until then, those things will not be shared.  It is the only fair and ethical way to do this.  I still have my same reservations as I had in the original post.  Believe me, if the program works as stated, I’ll be cheering it from the highest mountain tops.

So, my response to being inundated with all these emails is that if you are going to comment or email me on this subject, please slow the horses down a little first.  Don’t assume things that aren’t there and don’t assume that because I wrote something several months ago, that this is valid today.  That is the how this blog works – it is writing about my own journey and discoveries – not just my belief at one moment in time.  Please don’t try to sell me and urge me to look at every other program out there or belief or service because most likely, you won’t get far with me.  If I did everything that came along to my email box, I would never accomplish much in a day.  I know everyone means well, but the unsolicited submissions force me to hit the delete button too quickly.  Building a relationship up with me first, will get a much better response and I'm not joking when I say, I get hit up constantly about various products.

When I get into the program, you can be sure that I will be writing a blog post and sharing the good and the bad.  Until then, I return now to regular programming and hopefully people who are so interested in this will get to know this blog more, rather than just reading one post in time from several months ago.  After all, there are a lot of gems in this blog that are written to help people become more aware and conscious.

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