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Masking Trauma With Surgery, Part 2

This is part 2 of a 2 part series, please read Part 1, Masking Trauma With Surgery for a better understanding of what this post is about.

Much like Mary, I suffered great traumatic moments growing up. However, I had neither the resources nor assistance to deal with them and so instead I lived in a land of illusion where I escaped into a world of daydreaming. My world became my striving towards excelling at work, school and anything I did. It was my drug. It was my salvation. The rest of the time I spent countless hours on my piano and playing the piano for church to hide myself from the horrors I so badly did not want to face.

Throughout childhood, I went through some very rough moments where I had to undergo a series of antibiotic shots. Then there were the times that I could barely breathe and the doctor would say I was under too much stress. The prescription would be not do any physical activity for a period of time and have moist heat applied to my chest. From there, I struggled with allergies that sometimes would really pull me under. In high school I spent several days in the hospital being misdiagnosed with appendicitis only to later discover that I had a nervous stomach/pre-ulcer. Each and every day I would struggle with headaches, sometimes very severe.

While some people would tell me during these times that it was stress that caused it, I really had no clue how to cure the stress. I remember asking a few people and all they would tell me is that I had to learn how to deal with stress, yet they could not give me any other advice. Of course, I was living in a world where stress was the norm.

As life progressed, I took on more and more stress while I buried the traumas of the past. I worked harder, tried to gain more perfection and showed to the outside world that everything was completely fine while I fell apart inside.

Even when the stress was beginning to catch up with me, I was seeing a chiropractor. In the three times a week visits to his office, I would feel very good and relaxed when I left his office. Within a couple of hours after the appointment, the stress and body pains throughout my back, neck and shoulders would come on like a herd of horses charging through the field.

For me, the switch got flipped when one event took place and landed me face to face with the trauma from my past. It caught up to me even though I wanted nothing to do with it. All the procedures, medical treatments, pills and tests could not save me. I soon learned, that it was only I that could save me. The story is much more detailed than this but for the sake of simplicity, I'm glossing over the details. You can read more about it in my book, "Hope And Possibilty Through Trauma."

I just want to help shine the light on this a little and help people to become more aware that when physical things happen in your body, it is your body's way of getting your attention. Try not to be so quick to dismiss it through surgery, procedures, tests, and pills. While they may alleviate the symptoms initially, the body will once again find a way to get your attention. The only way to completely alleviate these conditions is to go within and find the answers.

I'm not going to tell you that is easy because I know how much fear and ego try to distort, twist, lie and confuse us. Fear and the ego are very powerful forces that will manipulate all of what I just said into nothing but a bunch of hogwash and pie in the sky thinking or new age mumbo jumbo.

For me and many others, these are not just concepts that I am talking about. They are real and for each of us that have conquered many physical situations by healing the trauma, we know first hand what this is all about. It is much more than concepts to us. It is real and through the healing in our bodies, we can prove it.

I'm just asking that each person who is reading this post, take a moment and consider that there are answers within to what your physical body is experiencing. Maybe you don't agree with me on this but at least allow the thought to sit in your consciousness. Try to prove it wrong and try to prove it right. Don't settle for a diagnosis or surgery or pill just because someone tells you that this is what you need. Seek out every possible option you have and go deeper into the understanding of it.

There is truth out there that is real for us and if we search for it, we will find it. If we hide our eyes to it, we will find everything that takes us away from it. Go into that which you don't know and find your own truth, the truth that is grounded within your body. For once you find this truth, you will know without a shadow of a doubt, the power of trauma and the power you hold within your cells, your mind and your body.

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