Monday, February 28, 2011

Will The Doors Ever Open?

Sometimes I wonder if the doors will ever open? I know deep down I am walking the path that I need to walk, yet it appears that the doors just are walls as I move along. It can get discouraging at times and really make me question if I am where I think I am.

However, events happen in our life that help cement and shed light on our path and show us that doors may be opening up around us. Many weeks ago, I remember pulling one of my angel cards on the iphone app (by Doreen Virtue). It said something to the effect and I'm paraphrasing that opportunities are coming my way but may occur different than I would expect them. I thought, okay that sounds nice and wonderful but well, I really can't see it. So in a way, I just dismissed it.

Then today, a couple of things happened that really gave me a glimpse into some doors opening. If I had not gone and done a few things lately that I have done, than this moment would not have occurred in the way it did. The events are completely different and are not remotely close but yet they were both traveling in the same direction. If you would have looked at each event independently, you would have not seen any connection.

It was very helpful and encouraging to have these things unfold a little today. More importantly, it was good to see them unfold in a bigger and broader manner. After seeing doors that looked like brick walls, it warms the soul to see a open ones appear. It is a moment that I am marking down as I walk my path so I will not forget it. It is a moment that I will use to help move myself forward and in many ways, that is the most important part.

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