Friday, February 18, 2011

Depression Drugs Added To Water Supply

I have no way to really verify if the following story on a website ( ) is true. If it is, it frightens me that this could even happen. Again, without verification, I just don't know how real of a possibility this. I do recognize that things spread all over the internet and look real, but are not always that way.

In this article (see reference link below), there has been some suggested talk of adding depression causing drugs to our water system much like Fluoride is added. To add anything to the water is despicable and evil from my view point. Water is meant to be pure and already through our horrible environmental practices and our waste along with excessive medication usage, our water supply is being contaminated. There are numerous reports out with enough testing taking place to show alarming levels of medications, pollutants and chemicals in our water supply.

Please read the following article and decide for yourself how you will react to this. At the minimum, be aware that there may be some underhanded manipulation being done already to make this a reality. Of course, each person reading this post and the article will have to decide for themselves just how real this threat is.

(Link no longer works)

Health Authorities Want Depression-Causing Drugs Added To Water Supply

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