Friday, February 25, 2011

Naturally Reverse Osteoporosis With Cucumbers

It probably is no secret on this blog if you have been reading it for some time, that I really like what Jeff Primack with has to say about food based healing. It is important to note that we've been doing his General Health Smoothie Recipe for almost two years and have seen positive results.

Here is a video about how cucumbers can help reverse osteoporosis through natural foods. We all tend to think first about what pill, medication or medical procedure we can take rather than thinking about foods that are natural and have very healing properties to them.

Cucumbers are alkaline which help to alkalize our blood from all the acidic things we eat. Our bodies need a pH of 7.35. Things like coffee (pH = 5), diet Coke (pH = 2.8), fruits and vegetables (pH =9 or 10), along with things that have more vitamins and minerals tend to have a higher pH or are more alkaline. Wheat and flour products along with other things that are acidic cause our pH to go down. In order for the body to counteract this, it starts pulling calcium from our bones. Of course when you don't have enough calcium in the bones, you end up with osteoporosis. But to get all the information on this, check the video out.

Most of us usually tend to eat the part of the vegetable or fruit that does not have all the good vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytochemicals in them. Things like the seeds, stems, stalk and skins of the food items are usually the highest in these things and most of the time we throw those parts away. In addition, cooking, freezing or other processing methods denigrate our food items to just something to eat rather than having all the wonderful healing properties they had when they cam out of the ground.

Take a moment to view the video and then check out all the other videos he has on his YouTube page. You can also check out Jeff Primack's website at for more information.

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