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Masking Trauma With Surgery, Part 1

This is part 1 of a 2 part series, please read Part 2, Masking Trauma With Surgery for the complete story (2/5/11).

Several years ago in a workshop presented by Dr. Paul Canali of Evolutionary Healing, a lady named Mary, shared her story that really amazed everyone there. In her story, she talked about having 48 different surgeries and medical procedures in the course of her 52 years of life.

She was the by product of many hospital stays, surgeries, medical procedures and university studies. In fact, her medical file was so thick and extensive that she was a virtual who's who of medical diagnosis.

From what I can remember when she was telling her story, was that each doctor would take on the "current symptom" and either medicate her based upon that or prescribe some medical procedure/surgery to alleviate the condition. The minute they would work to get one condition alleviated, another would show up. Mary had many internal organs removed or transplanted if I recall correctly. This continued on for years until Mary was so exhausted that she sought out a different option.

I still remember the gleam in her face, the tears in her eye as she told her story and as she now knew what hope was about. She realized that after the work with Dr. Canali to go in and deal with the trauma that had happened to her early in life, that there was hope for her. She no longer needed to live in the fear of having to have all these medical procedures to give her the false illusion that somehow they would make her better. Each time she had one of these surgeries or procedures, she would realize that it never solved the problem.

This is often the case in the medical world. We go to the doctor to find out what is wrong with us, what the name of our condition is and what pill or surgery or test we can take to alleviate it. We never stop to consider what we can do if we go within and search our own selves to see what is going on. Most of the time, we do not even consider that we have any power or knowledge or awareness to do this. So we give our power over to the doctors, drug companies and medical establishment.

Now, I'm not saying there is no place for the medical profession or surgery or procedures or even sometimes medications. We have to have a balance here so please don't get me wrong on that. However, all too often we treat the symptom instead of treating the entire person. The medical establishment looks for the easy way out in diagnosing someone and often the patients want the easy way out as well. They want to identify with the name of the condition they have and they want a pill or procedure that will just make it all better. No one really wants to do the hard work of going within and asking the tough questions or facing what they know.

Trauma impacts the body in a negative way and it lingers there robbing the body and mind of precious health and energy. Many of us (myself included) often go through life hoping and wishing it away or trying to cover it up by not thinking about it. We do all kinds of things including several new age practices that just mask the trauma. Instead, we need to go into the trauma and take our power back. This is not a one time process but an ongoing process of self discovery and awareness.

In Mary's story, there was much trauma that she had tried to forget and distance herself from. In fact, many of us that live through traumatic moments whether it is an abusive childhood, engagement in wars, experiences we are part of or an overwhelming load of daily stress. However, if we do not deal with these things, we will find out just as Mary did that the trauma will catch up with us. It may not be today or tomorrow but it is lurking in the shadows just waiting for the right moment for the switch to be flipped.

Yes, I know that there are plenty of tests and research to indicate that you may have this or that disease and condition. I know there are xrays that will show the body is in this position and surgery is required. However, that is like looking up at the sun and exclaiming that the ONLY reason for its existence is to give us light during the day. There is more to the picture that most of us do not see nor do we want to, but please, let us not fool ourselves here into thinking we are seeing the entire picture.

If you do not deal with the trauma, it will deal with you. If you choose to try every procedure and surgery and pill that is known to civilization it may temporarily help but in the end, you will not have eliminated the source. The source is not physical. The source of the condition is in the trauma that you have experienced. If you truly want to heal, look to the source of the condition, not just the symptoms showing up. Learn from Mary's example that after 48 procedures and surgeries, she realized that healing the trauma, healed her life.

Come back tomorrow for Part 2, Masking Trauma With Surgery, where I share some of my own experiences.

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