Thursday, March 2, 2017

Living Life Without Obsessing About Life

A struggle I've been having in life, trying to live in life without being overtaken by it.  I see many obsessing with the news of the day and while that is of importance to my life, I am so burnt out on it.  I can't take it most days.  I can't deal with it most days.

In my mind, I keep asking myself, how do I go on living life without obsessing about life.  To me, there has to be more than just the latest news story of the day.  There has to be!

I no longer watch TV news of any type.  We gave that up years ago and I am so happy that we did.  There is a much greater peace of mind without seeing the screaming pundits talk about one subject after another.  And no - I'm not taking sides here because all sides do this.

Yet, if I log on to twitter or go online, I have the news shoved in my face.  I have obsession with the news shoved in my face.  It is almost like there is nothing else that matters in this world than the latest news story of the day.

It often makes me want to puke.  I scream out in my house, but what does that get me - cats that run and neighbors that probably wonder.  I just can't deal with the news stuff and seeing it at every turn in life, is more than I can take.

Overtaken our lives...

I wonder though if the obsession that most seem to have is a good thing.  It truly feels like to me that it has overtaken our lives and left us reduced down to a single focused entity.  It doesn't feel healthy to me in the least.

I see people screaming all day and I see many not listening.  I see people just telling everyone how they should think and believe, but no one is listening to the other.  Yes, I've written about this subject before, but it just seems to wipe out the enjoyment of life.

Am I saying we should go hide in a closet?  No!  Am I saying we shouldn't engage on issues that we care about?  No!  Am I saying we should just all get along in a peaceful world with no conflict?  Probably not!  That may just be wishful thinking.

Reach out with our hearts...

Yet, I think there is much we can do to help this world along by listening and trying to reach out with our hearts.  I think there is a lot we can impact by not being so obsessed with the latest news story of the day.

Heck, most of these news stories, regardless of the source, are biased and presented as fact, but are the opinion of the news delivery service.  None are better than the other because they ALL do it!

I don't know.  I don't have the answers either.  I just see people being so obsessed with some of the things in life rather than living life.  It is robbing us of joy.  It is robbing us of peace.  Is there a way we can engage without obsessing?  I'm not sure.

The thing I do know is if we are all screaming at the top of our lungs at one another, we're probably not going to get anywhere.  Some things are as they are for whatever reason we may not understand in this moment.  If we let them rule our day, then we've lost our life.  If we don't keep focus and balance, then we will become too weak to stand.

My hope is that we all learn how to use our hearts to listen more and scream less.  My hope is that we begin to see each other (and that means everyone) as human, not as enemies.  We're all on this planet earth and if we don't learn to work together, it may get to a point one day where it will be too late.


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