Friday, March 10, 2017

Terminated on Blendtec Affiliate Program

Up until yesterday, I was an affiliate for Blendtec.  I thought they had a superior product and in fact, our Blendtec Blender has gone many years.  It works well and is something I use almost everyday, so I recommended it.

Unfortunately as of yesterday, Blendtec terminated my affiliate account with no warning and without reason.  So far, they have not taken the time to reply to me with why they took this action.  As far as I know, I've not done anything wrong.

The commissions that I had earned with them are gone and they have blocked me from seeing any history with this or any data.  Amazing how they just take the money you earned without a shred of decency.

Blendtec recruited me a few years ago to be an affiliate, so how I went from that point to this lack of respect is beyond my comprehension.  The previous head of their affiliate at least tried to help you unlike the one they have now who could care less.

However, with these affiliate companies, they hold the cards and if you sneeze wrong, they'll drop you like a rock.  They don't care if they explain anything to you or not.  They just treat affiliates very badly.

One of the things I despise online with affiliate places is how they force you almost to write glowing reviews about their products as if there are no deficiencies.  If you try to read the reviews online, you won't see the actual reality and truth.  You'll see the one sided viewpoint.

I really try to be honest in all that I write and share what works for me.  If it is a product you see me post on this blog, you can bet that I use and one that I love to use.  I don't play the games and maybe that is what got me in trouble here.  I don't know.  Unless they respond, I'll never know.

In the meantime, I will be working to scrub my site of their links.  If they don't deem me as valuable to their organization, I don't want them associated with me.  Please feel free to buy any other products than Blendtec and support places that treat people with respect.

In the future, I will not be using or recommending Blendtec products.

If a company such as this is going to treat its people in this way, there is no value in continuing the relationship.


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