Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Don't You Dare Disagree

The house I grew up in was our way or no way.  You didn't dare disagree.  No way - no how!  You had to go along with whatever the "supreme ruler of the house said!"

It didn't matter if what you were saying or thinking might have been right.  If it conflicted with what the supreme ruler said, you were wrong.  If you did not heed that warning and the following smack down, then you were exiled within the house.

Being exiled within the house meant that others just automatically knew to treat you as if you were less than.  They automatically knew to not talk to you unless it was absolutely critical.  They knew to keep their distance from you because you were toxic according to the supreme ruler.

It didn't matter how important what you were saying was or how truthful or factual it was.  If the supreme ruler didn't want to hear it or didn't accept it, you were wrong - plain and simple.  You were spoken to as an idiot.

No matter what, you had to keep the family secrets and tow the family line.  You didn't dare speak out to anyone about any of it for fear of retribution so hard that you would never ever think of speaking out.

God would bring down punishment...

If that wasn't enough, then the minister was brought out to get you in line and counsel you and pray for you.  If that didn't work, then you were threatened in all kinds of ways that God would really bring down punishment upon you.

The supreme ruler was fearful of anyone that didn't agree with him or dared to challenge his ways.  If you ultimately paid the price of a challenge, you were labeled as being brainwashed.  You were discarded by the family and all your friends that knew you, were told just how terrible you were.

This is the house I grew up in.  I lived under the supreme ruler and was told that I was brainwashed because I dared to speak the truth.  I ended up leaving all my family behind and striking out on my own.  I had to let them go in order to survive.

I will not hide from the truth...

I will not hide from the truth of what I have been through.  These monsters in my house were horrifying creatures who abused me, molested me, and threw me out when I was no more use to them.

My life is better now, but I still struggle with the family aspect.  Yes, I know we create who we want to be with, but the biological bond is still critical.  Without the biological bond, there is a gaping hole left in our lives.

If you're in this situation, don't stand for silence.  Find the courage to break the silence and take care of yourself.  You matter more.   Forcing someone to be silent is where the brainwashing happens.

It was abusive and brainwashing...

The supreme ruler of the house is now living his miserable life out in his last days.  He will answer for it at some point when he dies, but until then, what he did was brainwashing and abusive and should not have been done to anyone.

I used to run a website forum called Breaking The Silence.  I did it for others to help start their own healing process of child abuse.  In my own life, I had been silenced and in order to heal, I had to break the silence.

Child abuse is never right.  No child should ever have to go through what some do, including myself.  While I work to continue my own healing, I hold accountable those that harmed me.

If someone says, don't you dare disagree with me, they are not to be trusted.  They are not there for your best interests and more than likely, they will not be good for you long term.  Do not let anyone tell you that can't disagree with them.  That is brainwashing and mind control!


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