Thursday, March 9, 2017

How Stress Impacts The Body

We all claim we know it, but we often are oblivious.  Stress impacts our body in ways we just don't see because often we're not in the mode to see it.

It is just too easy to numb and disconnect without realizing we are doing this.

Consciousness and awareness helps us see the impact of stress upon the body, but when we're going through those stressful moments, that part of us has exited the building.  We are in the survival mode of just making it through each moment as if that is all we can do or all we can be.

Every day we allow the stress of life to continue and fail to take a rest break, we're just compounding future problems for our mind and body.  Every day we don't stop and connect with our breath, we're robbing ourselves of a stillness that enables power beyond our wildest imagination.

Stress robs us of so much potential in our body and mind.  It keeps us down and diminishes what we can be.  It keeps us in dis-ease, allowing illness and physical challenges to become the norm in our mind and body.

Even if we try to shove off the stress we're under and minimize it or try to be a magician making it disappear, it is still there silently in the background.  It is impacting our body whether we want to believe it is or not.

What ways is stress impacting your body?


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