Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Use And Abuse

Business these days seems to be clueless from what I see happening all around me with so many I know.  Its the number one principle in business to earn mega dollars.  The principle that is practiced states the following:  Use And Abuse Your Employees!

Use and abuse your employees for when they have no more left to give, you will expect them to give more while shaming them into not giving enough.

Yes, folks - its the use and abuse your employee principle.  They use their people acting as if they are nothing more than a pen or piece of paper from the supply closet.  When its used, you just get another.

Oh yes, I know that the same businesses will tell their employees how much they value and respect them.  That's what I continually hear from my friends as they complain about burnout to me.  Yet, you know, actions speak louder than words.

I get it and I try to explain to my friends that businesses are only in existence to make money.  People are a commodity.  When the commodity is consumed, they go shopping for a new one.  Of course, if I share that with them, their eyes roll as if daggers are being directed at me.  Hey, I'm just the messenger.  Don't kill the messenger.

Some days I dream of a day when business will treat their employees as something of value to respect, honor, and put their money where there mouth is.  Of course, that's when I'm startled out of my utopian dream.

I think we could improve the world if we just didn't use and abuse employees.  If we cared about them with actions, not mere words and slogans.  You can't burn a person at both ends and expect them to make it in the business forever.

What do I know?  I'm just one that hears all of my friends talking about how the business they work in treats them.  I feel for these people and the greed that the businesses put above all else.  All hail to the Corporations, for they are people too.

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