Thursday, September 24, 2015

Letting Go In Life

We all hold on to so much in our day, in our lives and in our bodies.  We carry this through each moment as tension, pain, numbness, fatigue and various other ways.  Letting go in life is not easy.  It is difficult for most people to do.

We are all masters at holding on to things in life, but letting go is much more difficult.  Have you felt the tension in your back by carrying too great of a load in life?  Has your life become tiring because you felt like you had to keep plugging away and not stop or let up?  Do you just not feel life fully because you've carried so much around your neck for so many years?

Holding on in our life shows up in many ways and it usually shows up in the body.  If we are attentive and conscious, we will see it.  If not, we will hide it through numbness.  Even if we smile a lot and recite mantras all day long, it does not mean we have this under control.  In fact, it might most likely be the opposite.  Again, letting go in life is difficult but holding on is the norm.

In a recent Unified Therapy session at Integrative Bodyworks with Jim Fazio, I knew I had been under so much overwhelming, overwhelm and stress.  It was showing up in my body through a sore shoulder and neck, headaches, back pain and a fatigue and exhaustion. My body was holding in all the stress and difficult moments of overwhelm and the only thing it could do was store it in the cells of my tissues.

Being on the table for a session, brought me back front and center to what I had been numbing my body to, just to get through the day.  Numbing is the only way we can often survive.  When someone starts to go in and focus on the body by feeling the body, the pain surfaces.  As the pain surfaces, it becomes not only the point where you stop numbing, but the point where healing can begin.

As you embrace the pain and fear and all the other emotions that arise, you give yourself the potential to embrace the fullness of your life.  It isn't easy and as I was once again reminded today of this, I found it hard to let go in my body.  My body wanted to hang on to all that it had stored.  My body wanted to stay numb and not feel what was going on in my life.  It had become my safety blanket, but yet it was robbing me of all that life had to give and keeping me from recognizing my full potential.

As I focused on just letting go in my body, I found the resistance.  When I focused upon the resistance and allowed it to come forth, it was then that my body entered that space of healing.  The heat within me grew as my nervous system started to re-calibrate itself once again.

Right now, I feel like I'm once again home in my life.  I feel like I reconnected with my true and authentic self.  It is a lesson of learning over and over sometimes, how to let go in life and in the body.  I know holding the stuff in doesn't serve much good for me, but sometimes trying to survive in this world almost requires it.

Letting go in life is essential to our health and well-being.  We need it to function and discover all our journey has to offer.  Numbing and hiding from that which we store in our body serves no purpose, other than holding us in those all too familiar patterns of life which have been our life line.

You can learn more about the work Jim does on his website, Integrative Bodyworks.  You can also reach Jim through his Facebook page.

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