Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Learning Lessons From Pool Repairs

I often seen lessons in different things in life. I wonder if it is just me that sees that or others do to.  Regardless, if you look, the little things will show up that become a teacher for the day. Today, the pool was my teacher.

You see, a tiny little resistor on the circuit board of our salt cell generator had burnt out (or whatever the proper name for it is).  As you'll quickly tell, I'm not electronics repair person, but I've stayed in a holiday inn once.  Sorry, I can't miss an opportunity to have a laugh in here.

After searching on Google, I found that others had gone through the same exact symptoms.  I could tell that the salt cell was showing a "no flow" light, but there was no power light and no generating light which should be expected.  Of course, the pool was starting to turn green too, so I could tell there was no chlorination being generated.

Realizing that it was the resistor on the circuit board and everyone said it was easy to repair, I ordered the part.  Keep in mind, I've never replaced anything on a circuit board and I've hardly ever soldered anything in my life.  I've watched it done, but this was a first.

When I examined the little resistor, it didn't look bad or damaged.  Many others that were sharing their fix-it tips said the same thing.  However, the minute I began removing it from the circuit board, it crumbled in my hands.  Yet, I had touched it when examining the circuit board and it was fine.  It wasn't until the removal that it crumbled.

To make a long story short, I got things soldered back on the circuit board and started it up.  It was now generating chlorine.  Of course, the 5 minute job everyone said it took them, was about 2 hours for me with extra anxiety.  I got it fixed, but of course, I get so nervous and anxious doing these things.  That's something for another blog post!

The pool is slowly clearing up, but still not back to normal.  This one little resistor was allowing the algae to grow in the pool and turn it green because the salt cell could not create sanitizer.  Isn't it amazing what one little part could do to the overall function of our pool.

Often in life we see the green pool and we focus on that part of our life.  We think if we add some pool shock to our life, it will make everything clear again.  Pool shock would represent all the ways we numb and self-medicate our life.  Of course, while the pool shock was necessary to keep the algae from growing too badly, it was not the fix.

The fix was the resistor and in some ways you could say that the more the resistance was the issue, the more the pool was messed up and turning green.  Once that was replaced or removed, then the real fix had taken place.  The deep and inner part of our life had been resolved.

We often tend to overlook what truly is causing the issue in our life.  We hope and pray and recite mantras that someone or something or some thought out there will fix what is needed.  We don't stop to go in and see what resistor is causing the problem.  We just smile and act as if the pool shock turning the green water clear, is the solution.

It isn't until we go deep into the inner workings that we fully become aware of the problem and find a way to solve it.  Looking at the surface will end up being an illusion.  Looking deep within takes you to the root of the problem.  Its your choice of course, but its also a moment where you can truly become more conscious.

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