Saturday, September 26, 2015

I Love My Blendtec Blender

When they say this is the last blender you'll ever need, I believe it.  We started using our Blendtec Blender in 2009 and I love it!  We were a little concerned about spending as much as we did on this blender when we bought it, but those concerns were short-sighted.

We use our Blendtec Blender every day to do whole food smoothies.  You might have read other blog posts that I have written reviews about this or have seen my YouTube video, but this blender gets heavy usage.  I'm sure it will last us many more years to come.

Our whole food smoothies include grinding up avocado seeds, whole apples, beets, carrots and many other things.  When it blends these things up, it blends them well.  Seeds, skin and all.

I know I saw on some videos before I bought our Blendtec Blender that it would grind up a broomstick handle.  Of course, we don't do that with our blender, but that's good demonstration of just how powerful this is.

I have heard of some people doing juicing which doesn't make sense to me, because the good part of the fruits and vegetables are thrown out.  That's where all the phytochemicals and nutrients are at.  Why throw the good parts away? 

I know some will try to do whole food smoothies and really not understand what they are doing, so I think they fall short.  I've seen some try to use a normal blender and that just doesn't work.

The whole point of how we use this blender is for Whole Food Smoothies.  We want the whole foods that we put into it to be as unaltered and unprocessed as they can be and yet be able to consume the quantities that we do.  The only way we can do this is with the Blendtec Blender.

Yes, if it isn't obvious by now, I love my Blendtec Blender.  I just don't think there is anything else on the market that is better than this one.

If you really want to jump start your health, get a Blendtec Blender and read some other posts I've written because this really works! I'm not just saying that.  I mean it!  This review comes from our own usage of it, not what someone tells me to say.

If you click the link below, you'll get 30% off of your purchase of a Blendtec Blender plus free shipping.  Yes, I'm an affiliate for Blendtec, so I do earn a commission.  Everything I have said here in this blog post is from my own personal experience since 2009.

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  1. Does it really work that well? This just all sounds too good to be true. How do we know you're just not trying to hype this up on your blog?






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