Friday, January 10, 2014

Things Happen

At times I never stop to consider little moments in my day as being anything but little moments.  Yes, sometimes that is all they are, but sometimes they are part of a much bigger picture.  Often times we are part of events that occur every day and yet when "things happen" at some point in the future, we don't necessarily connect the two.

Its too easy at times to look at your life and complain about all that  you perceive you don't have or all that is going wrong in your estimation.  Its too easy to look at your life and think you've been dealt the unlucky hand, wishing for things to be different.  Its too easy to look at your life and ponder why everyone else appears to have it all and you're struggling with every moment of your day.

Yes, there are times when life truly sucks.  There are times when what you are experiencing truly is more than you feel like you can handle.  In life, we can often feel like we are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Yet, if you stop and look back over  your life, you will see a different picture.  If you could look at your life from many miles above it, the perspective would change.

Sometimes when we are too close to our own life, we don't see it for what it really is.  Its just too darn easy to wallow in the mud hole of life, not realizing there is dry ground just around the edges of where we are at.

More importantly though is that events that happen in our day which seem to be nothing more than ordinary, may very likely be building a foundation of so much more to come.  As I continue to step outside of myself and my life, I see that things happen.   I see that events unfold in ways that I cannot even begin to predict.

If we can truly step outside of the paradigms we have built our life up to be, we would see that things happen with a purpose and in an order that brings us to new places in life.  Just as we would not expect to climb a mountain in one tiny single step, why is it that we expect our life to unfold at once?  Why are we so impatient with ourselves?

Things happen in this world and in our day that come together to bring new experiences of growth and awareness.  It is up to us to allow our paradigms and beliefs to be challenged about how our life and day should appear.  It is up to us to allow ourselves the opportunity to challenge every facet of our life.

If we hold steadfast to what we currently know, we will rob our life of what is possible to be known.  Events and tasks of our day will be nothing more than ordinary, but when we allow things to happen, that is when life begins.  Should we not give ourselves that opportunity?   Should we not allow our lives to travel into the moments where we find something new and unknown in our life?

I challenge each person reading this to take a moment and look at your life different.  See what is true and what may give the appearance of truth, but evaluate each thing through open eyes.  Understand in your mind and your body that things happen together in a way that may appear unconnected in that moment.  Allow yourself to live life to the fullest by giving up all that offers no benefit.  It will yield much awareness, hope, and possibility for your life.

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