Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Thought For The New Year

While everyone seems to make resolutions at this time of year that they don't keep, maybe instead we could do something different.  Most resolutions don't last long enough for anyone to realize and most of the time they are just an extravagant desire, that they become a burden of failure.  So instead of a resolution, why not try to think differently about the days, months and years ahead.

Here's what I mean.  What if all those parts that aren't going good for you or you don't like, question it?   What if the struggles you are dealing with in this moment, instead you question it?  How about all those people, places, and things that you feel are vital to your every breath, that you question all of it?  How about questioning everything that you think is important in your life and what makes up your world?  How about questioning everything that you hold as your beliefs?

Before you dismiss this thinking that you don't really want to give any of these things, people, places, or beliefs up, let me stop you.  I'm not suggesting that you give anything up.  All I am asking you to consider is to question all of it and the things that can stand the test of time in your life will survive the questioning.  If they don't, you are then free to choose something different in your life if you so desire.

We all get locked up in what has become our life.  It is our paradigm and we follow it blindly.  What once may have been a wonderful endeavor, all too often becomes the choke chain of our life.  When we begin developing patterns in our life, they become our existence.  It is part of the human experience to do this, but it is also being human when we question everything in our life.

We do not grow by accepting the routine in our life, but by stepping outside of the boundaries we have placed before our eyes.  We grow by questioning and asking and seeking all that there is, not limiting ourselves by what is currently our awareness and understanding.  If all you believe and do is strong and wise for your consciousness, then to question it will not be one of the greatest calamities of your life.

Questioning is good.  Questioning is smart.  Questioning is the push that keeps us discovering.

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