Monday, January 13, 2014

Our Actions Impact All Mankind

Some days my mind never stops thinking or reaching or striving for more.  I continue to see things that make me sometimes weep and cause pain as I look at them taking place.  We all are part of a continuum in life where what we do unto others is connected to all of mankind.  I'm more convinced of this now then I ever was.

It is the little things that we do in our day that have much impact upon the world, even if we don't see it.  How we speak to others and how we come across to them is more than just a momentary string of words or actions.  It impacts not only their day, but it strongly impacts our day.

As we read the news stories online or share social networking posts, do we ever truly stop and question ourselves about the comments we leave or things we share?  Are we just another sprocket in the sharing of news that may or may not be the best to disseminate to the world?  This goes for the constant barrage of "feel good" posts to the angry critical displays of madness we all see and often partake in.

Not everyone needs to see our anger displayed at every minute of the day.  Not everyone needs to see our anonymous opinion and beliefs written all across the internet news stories and message boards.  In all reality, it does very little for the advancement of mankind and our own life.  Yet, there is no shortage of these things.  Social media and comment sections on news sites would not exist if they were not used.

I'm wondering when we will begin waking up in this country and in our world.  It isn't the other guy out there that has the problem.  It all begins and starts with each one of us.  How we view our world spills over into the world population as a whole.  It may seem insignificant in that moment, but if you follow the trail of waves, it joins a much larger river that empties into the sea.

Not everything in our day is important enough for us to go and jump on the bandwagon.  There are so many bandwagons one could jump on that we really lose the site of the overall bigger picture in life.  Additionally, we force everyone to jump on our bandwagon and if you're not with us, you are against us.  At least that is what the mentality is these days unfortunately.  Even if it is subtle, this is happening at a record pace and in quantities that would rival the mass of the sun.

Should we stop sharing what we care about and where our passions lie?  Most definitely we should not!  However, I think we need to find balance and perspective in how we do this.  If it consumes your life, then maybe the teeter-totter of your day is off balance.  Maybe it is a time where we need to come together and not only practice our listening skills, but see how we can bring all people together.

Our actions and our words say so much, but when they are being controlled, manipulated and driven by our repressed emotions, they become swords.  Life is so much more than this.  Being human is so much more than this.  We all deserve so much and we owe it to the rest of the world.

If you want friendships of peace and love, then that peace and love must start within your own life.  If you want days without constant strife and heartache, then you will need to become comfortable with your own life first exactly where it is at, before you find it anywhere else.  If you need something in life, you must first be okay with not having it, so that you will find it.

These things are part of our own evolutionary healing, growth and awareness.  The more we begin to understand ourselves, the more we will begin to understand the world.  Standing on the tallest point of the city screaming at the world with our thoughts, actions and words will not move us forward.  Opening ourselves up in our own individual awareness will show us so much and while we are seeing it, we will impact the world in ways we cannot even begin to understand.

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