Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Is Humanity Lost?

Some days I really wonder about the human species.  I wonder if the animals truly are the more advanced life forms on this planet.  Heck, for that matter maybe the plants are more advanced than humans.  Everywhere you look though, humanity is either asleep or just down right as hateful and evil and greedy as they can get.

So is humanity lost?  Let's explore a few of the faces of humanity that seem to be getting all the attention these days and see if it is truly lost.

Humanity is not greed.  It seems that everything these days is done out of right-out-greed.  The dollar controls every action in corporations and the news media.  Politics is no longer about the best ideas, it is about who has the money to control it.  Okay, maybe its always been that way to some degree, but in the past few years, it feels like greed is taking way too many steroids or drinking way too much caffeine.

Humanity involves creativity.  Creativity is asleep at the wheel.  What is created these days seems to be flat.  It is a rerun of the same things that are done over and over until we're so exhausted by them, we no longer know what creativity is all about.  Songs are nothing more than electronically synthesized music that makes the sensitive souls cringe as if someone was scrapping their fingers on a chalk board.  Music that is turned out these days has no soul.  It lost its soul.  Entertainment and movies has to be "greater" and "more action oriented" and "more extreme" to get anyone's attention.

Humanity involves working together.  As I look around at not only the US, but all of the world, I see very little cooperation among people of differing ideas, views and opinions.  New lows are reached every day where if you don't agree with someone, then you are banned from their existence of thought.  The statement rings true, "you're either with us, or you're against us".    There is no coming together of ideas or working towards a common goal.  It is all an attempt to see who is better and who can out do another person.  It is a game of one-upmanship.

Humanity involves the sacredness of life.  From people abusing young children to pedophiles acting as if they should be recognized as a class of people who are born that way, we are failing to respect the sacredness of life.  If we don't value our children any more than we do, how can we ever expect this world to continue.  Our children are not some piece of property meant to be controlled, manipulated, beat, and molested by us.  They are the ones that should carry on all that we have learned, discovered and become aware of in our own lives.

Humanity involves growth and awareness.  All too often, I see people regurgitating the same old tired and worn out beliefs and facts that they have always known.  Very few show any desire or action towards knowing more and discovering all areas of their lives.  It is too easy for everyone to become complacent with what is in their life, rather than truly traveling into the depths and cleaning out all the closets they find.  Some may attempt to do this, but get tired and stop along the way, only to never continue the discovery.

Humanity involves learning how to solve our issues.  Taking a gun and shooting someone because you're upset with some action they are doing or afraid of the unknown is not a solution.  It is not solving issues.  Watching news media that portrays fair and balanced reporting which is nothing more than a bunch of people shouting their opinions to the world, is not solving issues.  Standing in your corner of an argument because you feel safe there, rather than listening to another of differing opinion is not a way to solve issues.

Humanity is about love, respect and awareness.  Humanity is about growing and evolving in our life where tomorrow we discover more about ourselves, than we know today.  It is about embracing every part of our life and seeing what works for us, and what we need to discard.  It is not about standing still in the moments of our day, hoping and wishing that someone will do it all for us.

Humanity is conquering our fears.  If we all see each other through the eyes of love and respect, we will discover so much more about the world in which we live.  If we see through the eyes of fear, we will not see correctly all that is around us.  We will be misled and misinformed because our eyes will not see clearly.  Fear is alive and fear is real, but when we allow it to live our lives, we lose our humanity.  Fear holds a place in our world, but not at the expense of others we may or may not know.

Its time for all of us and each one of us to kick it up a notch.  Humanity will disappear if we don't nurture it and take care of it.  Humanity is necessary for the survival of each one of us as well as our planet.  If we ignore it, we will surely find a world which is not suitable to live.  If we embrace the humanity in ourselves and others, we will find a world filled with much more than we can image.  It all starts with the actions each one of us takes on a daily basis.  No one out there can do it for us.  Humanity begins with me.

Maybe humanity is not lost, but if we are not careful, it will vanish.

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