Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hate Is The Absence Of Love

Some of the things I continue to see in our society, do very little to advance the human race.  One such thing is hate.  While many may not even own up to this in their day, it none-the-less fills their hearts, minds and bodies.  You cannot have love when you are filled up with hate.

Hate is defined as feeling an intense or passionate dislike for someone.  It could include detesting someone or feeling hostility and animosity towards a particular person or group of people.

Unfortunately in our day, we've gone so over the edge of reality that we barely recognize our own hatred we have for other humans.  It is almost as if we can point the finger at someone else who hates, but we can't see what lies within our own lives.  We hate through judgement and the condemnation of others.  We hate through our silent words and thoughts as well as our actions.

Whether it is through the words we write on anonymous message boards or comment sections on websites, we spread this stuff into the world.  You may think you are anonymous, but in many ways you are not. Some people choose to spew it on TV news programs or in all kinds of TV shows and others choose to participate as a viewer and listener.  It doesn't matter what form you engage in, hate is hate.

Each person alone knows what is in their heart, but when we hear the stuff spewed in national news, it becomes clear to the entire world.  It does not make the public figure any worse than the person who remains silent.  They both have hate and it is equally destructive to our world.

Many wars and atrocities have been fought and acted upon in the name of hate.  Many people stood by while these things happened.  If you think your hate doesn't matter or it is not significant enough, please take some time and study history.  See what happened when hate was alive and well.

We all impact each other even if it not in direct ways.  We don't have to know someone to impact them with our own hate.  Our thoughts impact this world and universe in ways many do not see.  Every living and breathing thing feels the hate that propagates throughout our world.

Hate destroys.  Hate hurts.  Hate deprives and takes away from others.  Hate is not positive.  Hate is judgement wrapped up with a bow.  When there is hate, love is absent.

In this day and age, we should be more concerned about lifting one another up for the good of all mankind.  We should be more concerned with how can we show love to one another, rather than all the things that we dislike in others.  We should worry less about judging what someone does, and instead take inventory of what is in our own heart, mind, and body.

We have a choice to either love and lift one another up to the betterment of the collective mind body of the world or we can continue to judge and hate one another into oblivion.  The choice is up to each individual.

Hate is the absence of love.  Repeat after me so we all understand this, hate is the absence of love.

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