Friday, June 8, 2012

Self Confidence And Negative Chatter

Far too many of us are excellent when it comes to tearing our self down.  It is much harder it seems for many people to focus on their good qualities.  We all have them.  There are things about each one of us that makes each of us special.

Unfortunately throughout our life, we listened to people who did not have our best interests at heart.  They may have told us how worthless or stupid or dumb we were.  Some of these people may have beaten us for not obtaining perfection as small children.  Love or affection might have been withheld if we did not perform to a level of satisfaction for those around us.

We've all got our stories and our experiences.  I'm sure any one of us could name them off in a list without taking too much effort.  It is sad that we endured these experiences, but it is even more sad that we have carried this baggage into our adult life.  I'm not saying it is easy to let go of the baggage, but we need to see it for what it is.

A hypnotherapy CD by Steven Bayner that I am listening to on self confidence talks about creating a list of our good qualities and then reviewing it.  It isn't a bad idea.  After all, we listen to so much negative chatter in our mind every day that doing something positive for our brain is like a gift from heaven.

So here's a thought.  Why not take a moment to think about your good qualities.  You know, those abilities that you have that make you special and unique as a human.  Now, just write down every single one of them that you can think of for your own life.  Don't judge what you come up with, just write every one down on your piece of paper. 

Now, don't stop there!  Take a moment and read back through the list.  Hopefully you have several on the paper and if you don't, allow yourself to add more in the days ahead.  Review the list daily and give your mind some positive input about what makes you special and unique.  After reviewing it, allow yourself to accept these things you have identified, because they are most likely what makes you function in life.

It is all too easy for us as humans to focus on the negative chatter in our mind, but if we allow our self some positive moments, just think of how we might be able to change our life.  As much negative chatter as we feed our self, we should be feeding our mind and brain, some positive chatter.

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