Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Body Affected By Weather

This has been one of those lazy meandering weeks with the tropical storm sitting offshore for what seems like forever.  Even though we didn't get a full storm with all the rain and wind we could have, the weather has just been plain lousy.  For some people, it wasn't as nice, with them enduring record flooding.

Unfortunately, you don't know from moment to moment when a downpour is going to hit or when the winds are going to kick up.  The clouds have been grey and overcast for days now with a momentary breakthrough of the sun.

I know my body is always affected by the weather.  If I don't have enough sun in my day, I get feeling very lethargic.  It is one of the reasons I live in the sunshine state!  Growing up in the midwest, we had our sunny days but during the winter we had plenty of cloudy days.  I tried to move back to the midwest, but the cloudy winter days was just too much for me.

Last night as Tropical Storm Debby passed over us, I woke up not feeling well at all.  In fact, yesterday as it got closer, I felt like someone had immersed me in an inflatable suit and applied the pressure to my entire body.  It was uncomfortable to say the least and I wanted it to get over.

I find it amazing though just how much our body is impacted by the weather around us, especially if we are sensitive to it.  Animals pick this up readily, but often we as humans need the weather reporter to tell us what is going on.  It all depends upon how sensitive we are and how in touch we are to our environment.

I look forward to sun filled days coming up soon and for the weather and my body to get back to normal.  The pressure changes and constant humidity in the air is tough on a body no matter what we are able to detect.  As the sun returns though, it is a time for all things to renew and return to normal.  I am thankful though for the rain we have gotten as we needed it badly.

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