Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sandusky The Alleged Child Abuser

CNN Sandusky Story
If you've been following the news of the Penn State coach, you most likely have read all kinds of things that would make a normal person's eyes pop out of their head.  It doesn't mean they are true or a lie, it just means that well, people will say just about anything.  Of course, I have no inside information to really know what happened with Sandusky.  As of right now, he is an alleged child abuser who is innocent until proven guilty.   By the time this posts, that could all change because no one knows how long it will take the jury to render a verdict.

Note - he was found guilty on 45 of 48 counts.

With all of this said, I'm hoping the jury finds him guilty.  If I were on the jury, I would probably vote that way but then again, they would most likely not pick me for the jury.  After all, I went through child abuse and I have a good idea of what is truth and what is a bunch of words put together to make it appear that someone didn't do anything bad.

I think back to the days of trying to confront my abusers and how they either threatened me, made me out to be some brainwashed lunatic or told me to grow up.  I so wish I could fully document everything that happened to me, but of course in a trial such as the one with Sandusky taking place, proof doesn't seem to matter much - at least not to the defense.  Sure they can pick holes in anyone's testimony, but it doesn't mean the child abuse didn't happen.

How many child abusers out there do you know that come forward and admit they did these things to children.  Please, don't be shy.  Stand up and raise your hand.  Come on - I'm waiting!  See these guys know how to twist the facts, the people and even twist reality into making it look like they have done what any normal person would do.  After you finish puking your guts out on that thought, realize just how much this is done in these trials.  It isn't Sandusky on trial.  Nope - it is the victims on trial.  They've got to live through this all over again.  I know he has played the woe is me story and song, but it is the victims on trial.

Of course, you've got Sandusky's wife sitting there saying that she never saw anything take place.  So, we're all supposed to assume that since she didn't see it happen, then nothing happened!  Yeah, right - sell that one as the winning lottery ticket and see how many bidders you get.  In my own home, stuff went on and the other members of the family didn't even know it was taking place.  If anyone could see something happening, it was like everyone had blinders on over their eyes.  None of our friends suspected anything and if they did, they kept their blinders on as well.    We tend to see what we want to see and that which we don't want to see remains hidden from our consciousness.

The threats were instilled in us so we didn't tell anyone.  In fact, we were so afraid of what the monster (or in my case - monsters) would do that we just learned to keep our mouth shut and take it like a man.  Religion and church were twisted and used as weapons against us where the wrath of God would have come down upon us if we would have spoken a word about the abuse we endured as children.  Physical threats followed this with actual physical moments of conforming to the monster's wishes and demands.  If that didn't work, than a dose of emotional abuse came in where you were told that you would split the family up if you told what was going on - and of course you didn't want to be responsible for that.

The point is, child abusers pull out all the stops to justify their sick actions.  They twist everything to work for them and when this doesn't work, they use tactics like intimidation, power, control, coercion, among other things.  They often seek places in organizations like churches, communities and charities where they can shine as a beacon to the world, while spreading their poison from child to child.  They are a crafty bunch that will use whatever means they can to get their way.  Heck, they might even use some mental disorder as a defense in order to confuse people deciding their fate.

This country needs to wake up.  Children are not here as property.  They are not meant to be abused, tortured, or endure crimes against humanity.  If we don't step up and protect the children, who will?  We scream and cry about the unborn, but then we ignore the abuse of children in one form or another.  We call ourselves righteous and holy, but then we turn a blind eye to what is taking place before us.  We donate money to churches and organizations while acting as if these leaders are loving our children, rather than abusing them.

It isn't just the Catholic Church or other churches that have child molesters.  Churches like the Baptist, Methodist, and Mormons all have child abusers in them just like any church in existence.  Charities of all kinds and organizations to numerous to list, have people who prey upon children.  We can act as if the people we know would never do this or we can confront our own ignorance with facts.

While I'm writing this post, let me make it clear that no matter what age you are, if someone in authority coerces or forces you to do something sexually with them that you don't want to do, it is not right.  Age doesn't matter because even if it is a teenager, there is a good chance, this was not the first time they have endured something as horrible as child abuse.

Child abusers are no more gay as some like to say, than a duck is an octopus.  Gay and straight have nothing to do with child abuse.  Child abuse is control and manipulation of the child where sex is involved.  Sex is not the motivating factor in child abuse.  Control is what motivates these sick people.  So, the next time you regurgitate the line that child abusers are gay, realize that you are showing your own ignorance.

For the sake of the children, I hope this Sandusky trial wakes everyone up.  These victims already have a long road of healing ahead of them and these things will haunt them for the rest of their life.  What they have been through will affect every relationship and job they have as well as how they view themselves in society.  If we don't stop abusing our children, we will grow up in a world where no one is safe and no one can be human.

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