Friday, June 29, 2012

The Truth About Health Care

If you have been following the news lately, you will know that a major ruling just came down today from the Supreme Court.  This ruling was on health care or what some call, ObamaCare.  Depending upon which side of the political isle you fall on, you most likely support or object to this ruling.  I'm not here to discuss the politics of the health care or the Affordable Care Act. 

What I am here to discuss is that everyone views health insurance and health care as one in the same.  We all think that everyone is entitled to health care provided by medical providers and that insurance is how it is funded.  In some ways, I probably would not disagree with this. In fact, it is a basic statement of how things operate currently in our country.  However, if you look around and see the bigger picture, you realize that we as a country see health care in a way that is misguided at best.

Health care is not about going to the doctor in my opinion.  It is about each person learning how to take care of themselves properly and making good choices for their body.  Now, before you claim that you do this, I would caution you to step outside of your own beliefs and paradigms, then attempt to make this claim.  You see, health care is not something that one political group or another influences, it is about what we do individually to take care of ourselves.

While the health care industry will disagree with me, I adamantly suggest that health care does not come and should not come from our medical institutions.  The majority of us are not doing the things we need to be doing to keep our body and our mind healthy.  We eat processed food constantly and pay very little attention to having whole foods in our diet.  We consume vast quantities of sugar, hoping to mask any problems with medication in the future.  When it comes to exercise, we feel that is something we do between getting out of car and walking to our place of employment.  As far as stress goes, most people rarely take much time out of their day to deal with the stress of life and so they create this ticking time bomb in themselves that is waiting to show up in an emergency room visit or some other health condition.

If you are claiming that you do all these things, than I am sure the next one will trip you up.  All of us have had experiences in our lives that caused some sort of traumatic experience.  If not one single event, the daily build up of stress becomes nothing different than the effects of trauma on our life.  Yet, we do very little to go inward and release these things, finding our way to true awareness and health of our mind body interface.  We push our nervous system to the limits while acting as if we have the world by the tail and everything is going to be fine and dandy.  Going on a vacation once or twice a year in no way negates the stress that builds up every day.

In my mind, health care doesn't start with politics or the medical system or with some various group that focuses on the hot press story of the day.  It starts with the choices and awareness each one of us makes in our own daily lives.  As humans, we tend to make poor choices, but if we stepped out of our current paradigm of belief, we would see that there is much greater potential in our lives.

We can and we do influence the health of our life each day through positive or negative ways. (see Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself).  So much of what we were taught as kids, really is not how things are.  We need to dump these beliefs and explore how we impact our own health.  We have much more power within us to not only heal ourselves, but to find a pathway towards better overall health.

In addition to using whole food smoothies every morning, I also monitor ingredients in everything I buy.  In addition to this, I try to make sure I take time every day to release stress and find calmness and peace for my life.  Another great thing that I have done and has taken me from a life of prescription medication to one of health, is through the trauma release work I have experienced.  I no longer deal with a nervous stomach (ulcer), migraine headaches, anxiety attacks, severe depression, painful muscles spasms, deep muscle tension and other ailments too numerous to mention.  As a result of the trauma release bodywork I've experienced, these things are now just a memory and my health is greatly impacted in a positive way.

We all make choices each day of how we live whether we think about this or not.  It is not up to some outside group or some medical professional or health care provider to take care of us.  It is up to each one of us to find health in our life and make choices that benefit our future.  When we make the right choices, it not only benefits us individually, but it benefits the entire world.

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