Friday, November 19, 2010

Fear is Real

Fear is a real part of our life. In many ways, if we learn how to embrace the fears that are present in our everyday life, we can bring about tremendous growth and awareness for our self. For all too long in my life, fear ruled my every moment and I ran from things that were more of an illusion than a reality. As I learn to embrace that which comes from the struggle within me, I become more conscious and aware of all that I can be.

In our world, fear is alive and well. So many people have been wounded in life by various events and these events are holding an illusion over them that fear is the norm. We see it by what is shown on TV and talked about in the news. The pundits and talk show hosts enlarge the concept of fear to draw people into their shows, thus improving ratings and advertiser dollars.

We also see fear as being a strong motivator behind the ego of politics, power and control. If each of us would stop and open our eyes for just a moment, we would be shocked at what is truly going on. However, with the mass of our population living in fear, it is hard to identify how are minds are filtering out that which is before us.

Fear even shows up in our every day life when it comes to the way we deal with others and the way we care for our children. Even our body pains and the way we take care of ourselves physically are so engulfed in the foundation of fear. Health care is more about running from or trying to mask the pain (get rid of the pain or condition) than it is about going into fear and reclaiming that which is within us. Yet, we as a society are so locked into the power of fear that we struggle to even believe this is a remote possibility.

Our lives are touched in many ways by fear and the more we succumb to its power, the more we are holding ourselves back from finding our true potential. Society and civilization require each of us to step up and become all that we were meant to be but the more we walk hand in hand with fear, the more we bring darkness to all those we meet.

My attempt of writing about fear isn't to bring about more fear within each of us. It is instead a way for me to help others understand just how prevalent fear is in our lives and the power it holds over us. I have fought all my life to overcome so many fears I grew up with that I realize first hand just how difficult it is to not let fear rule my life. My hope is that everyone I meet will begin to understand a little more just how fear has a hold of our species and will work to begin recognizing it. Fear can be a powerful motivating agent of change in our lives or it can take us down. May we have the courage to open our eyes and see fear for what it truly is in our life and in the world.

Fear is...
  • Being afraid of the unknown
  • Something that feels real but may not be
  • Expectation that something around you is bad
  • Not being fully aware of what reality truly is
  • the absence of fact that can be proved
  • Illusion of reality
  • Escape from that which we feel and know
  • Larger than life
  • When we find ourselves lacking in self confidence
  • Arises from our wounded self
  • Ignorance
  • Following the masses
  • Unjustified but seemingly real situations
  • Distortion of what is truly present
  • Seeing an image that is a twisting of the facts
  • Facts that do not add up while logic is thrown aside
  • Listening to the illusion of what others say
  • Not following your own convictions
  • Not being connected to your own body
  • Being unable to recognize when it is present
  • closing the door to truth and knowledge
  • Not being open to awareness and growth
  • Thinking that you have all the answers

(c) 11/12/10 by Don Shetterly - Use by permission only

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