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Pedophiles and Amazon

I don't see this book listed any longer on Amazon so hopefully it hasn't been uploaded under a different title.  Thank you Amazon for taking it down!

Looks like this guy was arrested (see this story)

Like many others, I was appalled that Amazon had published a book on Kindle called "The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover's Code of Conduct". In the media reporting, the author of this book, Phillip R. Greaves II, was quoted as saying on that "True pedophiles love children and would never hurt them". He went on to say "Penetration is out. You can't do that with a child, but kissing and fondling I don't think is that big of a problem.".

There are so many issues concerning this book that I'm having a difficult time in where to start with this blog post. So here are my issues with this entire ordeal and not necessarily in any particular order.

1) I saw the news media start to question if this guy had ever been abused himself and at some point, he referenced being introduced to oral sex. First off, just become someone is abused as a child, it does not mean they will go on to abuse other children. So, please, if you are thinking that all abused children [men] go on to molest children - STOP RIGHT THERE! THEY DO NOT! Second, seeing that he suggested this was his first introduction is showing just how crazy this dude is and how far out of touch he is with reality. If that is reality to him than we all need to lock our children up and keep them away from monsters like him. Yes, I know that my words are not nice to him but that leads me to the next point.

2) How anyone that is an adult can sit there and say that fondling of children is okay says to me that this dude is more than off his rocker! I mean, come on. First and foremost, a child does not know what sex is and second, if you are an adult doing this to a child, there is NO consent. A child is not able to give consent because they do not know what sex is all about and an adult is an authority, control figure to them. So Mr. Pedophile Molester, don't even suggest that this is okay. I know in your sick and twisted mind, you see nothing wrong with it but fortunately there is enough intelligent people in this world that understand your behavior is sick and reprehensible.

3) I realize there is something in our constitution called "freedom of speech" and I am a strong defender of it. Sometimes people say things we don't agree with and all too often in this country we label these people as whackos or we try to silence them. However in the case of the Mr Pedophile Molester, I believe what I read about in his book is that it borders (if not crosses the line) into criminal behavior. And if in some legal sense it does not, than we need to change our laws to put this stuff out of existence. Maybe what would be better is we just round up all these pedophiles and lock them up together, throw the key away and see if they enjoy the world they get to live in. God knows they have forced the children they molest into a prison within themselves for the rest of their life!

4) One more point that needs to be made is I hope every law enforcement person out there got a hold of this book so that it would help them track down these sick SOB's! There is always the potential, it could have been a sting operation going on as well but none of us will ever know for sure. There is no way to prove that but if I was law enforcement, I'd be trying to subpoena the names of everyone who purchased this book and then go check them out! Chances are we could lock a bunch of molesters up all at once and improve the safety of our world. If we can do this in the name of terrorists, we surely should be able to do this for child molesters (aka pedophiles).

5) Actually, I am so surprised that Amazon would allow this book to be published. They do have stringent guidelines that you have to follow to be published on their site but obviously, the guidelines are not as stringent as we are led to believe. Amazon has a big black mark on them for what happened here. Did they intentionally want to be a place that sells how to books of criminal behavior (if not books that are criminal) - I don't know. I have to probably say, it is not their overall intention. Did they get caught with their arms flapping in the wind - you betcha! do they deserve to be slapped hard, you betcha! I'm glad many stood up and took this fight to the corners of this earth. This type of behavior has no place in our world. NO PLACE AT ALL.

6) The one concern I have is for the people who just want to boycott Amazon because of this one book. You're free of course to do this and I can fully understand your reasoning. However, there are many of us out there that sell our legitimate books on Amazon and many other places. I am one of those. My book along with many others help people in many ways, especially survivors of child abuse. Yet, if everyone stops buying from Amazon, guess what? You not only hurt Amazon as a company, but you hurt each one of us that are authors and have books published through Amazon. I don't know about you, but I'm not wealthy and I cannot just up and say, bye bye Amazon. There are many logistical and financial reasons for that. If you insist that I should do this, than I would ask that you immediately quit your job because that is what you are asking me to do. Does it hurt me to no end to see what Amazon did - HELL YES IT DOES! I'm trying to make a living though and since I'm a self published author, my options are limited in how I can market myself because of the financial resources I have available. So before you just completely condemn "ALL OF AMAZON", please understand that there are many out there like myself who are trying to do the right thing. Don't paint me with the same broad strokes as Mr Pedophile Monster Molester. My book was written to help people recover from this horrible evil upon the world. Please give this some thought.

With everyone standing together and creating a tidal wave of publicity about this, it changed the course of what was happening. I hope that this is not the end of things with Amazon and I hope that they are so publicly humiliated by this that further actions are taken. I now fear though for how it will affect me selling my newly released book.

Here's what I believe Amazon needs to do:
1) Publicly apologize for allowing this criminal book to be sold and/or published through their site.

2) They need to make a donation to groups that are helping others to heal from the horrors of child abuse and child molestation.

3) They need to go through their complete inventory of books that they sell and publish and remove any that border on the criminality of child sexual abuse. We do not need a company or a site on the internet freely selling this garbage.

4) I would like to see them work with law enforcement and provide every name that purchased this book because it might just save many children.

5) I would like to see Amazon include this type of books as part of their objectionable material. Corporate profits or the issue of censorship should not be the decision maker when it comes to a topic such as this.

Corporate Officers of

1. Jeffrey P. Bezos - President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board
2. Jeffrey M. Blackburn - Senior Vice President, Business Development
3. Sebastian J. Gunningham - Senior Vice President, Seller Services
4. Andrew R. Jassy - Senior Vice President, Amazon Web Services
5. Steven Kessel - Senior Vice President, Worldwide Digital Media
6. Marc A. Onetto - Senior Vice President, Worldwide Operations
7. Diego Piacentini - Senior Vice President, International Retail
8. Shelley L. Reynolds - Vice President, Worldwide Controller and Principal Accounting Officer
9. Thomas J. Szkutak - Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
10. H. Brian Valentine - Senior Vice President, Ecommerce Platform
11. Jeffrey A. Wilke - Senior Vice President, North America Retail
12. L. Michelle Wilson - Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Secretary

Contact Information For Amazon Investors:
You can reach's Investor Relations team via email at or write to us at Investor Relations, PO Box 81226, Seattle, WA. 98108-1226 (see ) for more information.

Please note that at the time of publication of this article, Amazon had pulled the book down. Whether they will keep it down permanently is up for debate. The other major book sellers need to go through just as Amazon does and clean house. Books on topics such as talked about in this post do not need to be sold in the major sites. We have no use for them in our country. They are criminal acts.

Further Reading: Male Survivor's Dr. Howard Fradkin Statement

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