Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving From A Bird's View

Kevin Kalhagen and his wife Trish and son Tommy are great friends of mine. Kevin wrote this in an email and sent it to me the other day. After I read it and saw the picture, I knew that this was perfect for a post on Thanksgiving Day. Fortunately Kevin and Trish allowed me to post the picture and what he wrote. They and their son Tommy volunteer with the birds and Tommy is known as the budgie whisperer.

So here is what Kevin sent to me and it is really meaningful about what we can be thankful for in our lives. Let the bird teach us what thanksgiving is really about. Thank you Kevin for sharing this with me and I hope each person that reads it is touched deeply.

I was helping at the bird sanctuary Saturday. They have a separate room with the big white Cockatoos in it, they are very noisy and give off a dander like dust from their feathers that some of the other birds react to. I have very limited knowledge on these birds so I am not in there as much.

Recently a 12 year old cockatoo came in that was in bad shape, I would say half of its feathers are gone from plucking (when a bird is bored or not given proper attention or good food they can pluck most of their feathers, if bad enough they do not grow back).

This bird was out on a stand with alot of people around, then I was left in there alone with it. I decided to sit with it before putting it back. I had seen this bird out before and it is very gentle. This bird actually cuddled with me. It tucked its head under my chin and talked gently to me, then started to kiss and nibble on my beard. I have to say it was a spiritual moment I cannot explain.

I told Trish about it and she wanted to see this bird. We went out Sunday afternoon, the bird did the same thing to her (see photo of Trish Kalhagen holding the cockatoo). The person running the sanctuary said the bird will do that with anyone.

It got me thinking, this bird had been neglected for 10 years (that's how long the people had it that brought it in) and it has not given up, still has a loving spirit, could I do that? I do not know. The photo hides how bad this bird looks, it has no wing, back, or chest feathers.

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