Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Inspire Us To Love

I saw this posted at the vigil for the Pulse Victims in Orlando at Lake Eola.  It touched my heart deeply and I still can't get this out of my mind.  With all the recent events in the news, I think this banner and message is as important today as it was when I saw it.  Inspire us to love.

Inspire us to love should be the way we go through our lives.  It should be the way we look at life, evaluate life and connect with each other.  It should be something more and something greater than we currently know.  It should be the bedrock principal with how we talk and act towards one another.

Just thinking about the thought should lift us to higher realms of consciousness and awareness.  It should be something that we strive towards and desire to achieve.  It should be a goal for all mankind.

Words are not enough...

Words are not enough.  Actions without words are not enough.  Saying to the world that we love one another is not enough.  It must come from our heart and our mind and our body.  It must come from a normal balance we exhibit every day of our lives, not just at a vigil or when another tragedy strikes.

Our words must be more than empty gestures that show up when we're angry and scared and upset.  Our words must be more than we speak on a Sunday morning and forget the other 6 days of the week.  Words must be authentic and with compassion for all, not just for the ones that we agree with in that moment.

We must use our actions...

We must use not only our words to inspire us with love, but we must use our actions to show how we are inspired by our love.  It is action coming from the heart that shows just how much love we have.  It is compassion born out of love in our heart that helps us lift the entire world up, not just those that we identify with in our day.


Inspire us to love should be the norm.  It should be where all else is created from in life.  Instead of spewing our hared and disdain for one another, let us show love.  Instead of spewing our ignorance because we have not yet taken the time to understand, let us show love to one another.  Let us show the love of compassion and understanding.

Showing the love of compassion and understanding is our currency of being human.  It is how we become human.  It is how we connect and build each other up and lift each other to new heights.  It is how we all survive and thrive on this journey called life.

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