Sunday, August 7, 2016

Everyone Has An Opinion

I have them.  You have them.  We all have them.  In fact, everyone has an opinion about just almost everything these days.  If you don't, you might be the exception and that's okay!  In fact, it is completely fine for everyone to have an opinion.  It is part of what makes us each special and unique.

Unfortunately, those opinions, have gotten in the way of us truly being real and respectful with one another.  Instead of listening and honoring the life that we all share together on this planet, we seem more hell-bent on trying to make each other out to be some label or something that is anything but positive.

If you watch the news, you'll see this in full force.  If you read social media, you'll either have those who are respectful or those that just hurt others.  There is very little middle ground.  Its almost like a game that everyone plays and it is almost like this has become the norm.

Opinions aren't always a bad thing...

Go ahead and have your opinions.  There isn't anything wrong with that.  However, when it comes to not listening to one another and thinking that your opinion is the only right one out there, something is a little wrong.  It means were  not connected to our heart, but we are connected to our ego.  Our ego has to grandstand and be right.

Sometimes life can be very difficult and in this day and age with all the frightening events going on, don't let fear rule your opinions and be the bully.  Don't let fear cloud your judgment and close your heart to your fellow humans.  We need each other to make it through this journey called life.

If we stand opposed...

If we stand opposed all day long with one another, how will we ever join together for our common good?  How will we advance our civilization if we are constantly tearing each other down by the words we speak and the actions we take.

Opinions are fine as long as we temper them with compassion and understanding.  When we resort to calling each other names and screaming at one another, we're so far from the point of compassion and understanding.

Open up your heart and let that guide your opinions, rather than being ruled by fear and the ego.  You may find in the end that your opinion isn't as strong as you thought it was or that it wasn't as big of a deal as you once believed.

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