Thursday, December 30, 2010

Child Abuse Monument

We are in the process of completing the World's First Monument to survivors and victims of child abuse. Once finished it needs to be placed in a prominent place, so as to have the most impact.

The purpose of this petition is to bring to the attention of the Province of Ontario the "Reaching Out" Child Abuse Monument and a way in which the Province can bring significant attention to the issue of child abuse, in a positive, meaningful context of hope and healing.

Please when signing the petition also comment in the box on the right to tell the Province what will the Monument mean to you and why it should be in a prominent location.

The Monument is a bronze statue built upon the courage and spirit of victims of child abuse and their supporters, and empowers them to speak out. It addresses child abuse in a non-confrontational way by focusing on the feelings of those affected, offering hope and facilitating the healing process.

The Monument uniquely uses the direct voice for survivors and their supporters to artistically speak about concerns words can often not convey. It serves to educate and increase awareness of an issue that, despite its prevalence, remains a subject around which the general public has limited knowledge and understanding.

Monument Design:

Dr. Michael Irving designed the Monument to incorporate the artistic contribution of survivors of abuse and/or their families and supporters. The underlying premise of a Monument of individual quilts is that people who have confronted and survived abuse, who have triumphed over adversity, possess a special wisdom that can help others face the reality of child abuse, through hopeful, healing messages.

Measuring over 11 feet tall and 32 feet wide, the bronze sculpture is a representation of two standing figures with arms spread out and upward in an encompassing embrace, as shown on the cover page of this proposal. Quilted shawls drape the outstretched arms and shoulders of the figures.

Each ten-inch square quilt features a cast hand of a survivor or a supporter of a survivor, along with their artwork and sometimes, their words. Seventy-six of the quilt squares have an outline of a child's hand and their personal message about child abuse. On each figure, a number quilt squares are left smooth as a place of remembrance for all survivors.

Visitors to the site can use water to moisten a hand and rest it on one of the plain squares, creating a temporary hand print and allowing them to be part of the Monument while undertaking a few moments of contemplation.

To fully do the work for which it was created, the Monument needs to be placed at a permanent site where its message can be available to the public.

To sign the petition:

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