Friday, December 31, 2010

Unexpected Opportunity

In today's blog post, a guest writer, Trish Kalhagen, writes about an unexpected opportunity and how it has broader implications to our interactions as humans with one another.

There was an opportunity for me to sit upon a committee for a period of two days for a private organization. I would need to unplug so to speak from my regular life and family. My meals and overnight lodging would be provided. Due to confidentiality issues, I cannot give specifics but I can share a few of my thoughts here.

I met a wonderful group of people on the committee and in the organization who were gifted at communicating in a kind, gentle, peaceful, supportive, and healthy manner. This group of people really stood out in my mind and in my heart. This is my heartfelt desire and prayer for our world.

To be able to communicate with each other in this way. They have the tools in place to work toward continuing to listen to each other, understand each other and support one another along the way. It is really a beautiful gift.

No one is perfect, yet the enthusiasm and dedication that was presented to me over the last two days is truly admirable. I know that there are personality “color” tests that one can take to determine what personality type you are. This can give us some insight as to who I am and what personality type those people are that you are in regular contact with.

I believe that if many people could create the time to take a simple test like this, we could begin to change the world, one person at a time. I know because I have seen it in action over the last 48 hours. There could be much more peaceful conflict resolution and supportive listening.

This tool can be key in beginning to understand why you and the people around you respond to the world as they do. It is a great opportunity to clear up or prevent many misunderstandings and areas of conflict. It was beautiful music for my soul.

This is my goal when I sit with my family (which is not easy) and my clients when I am given the opportunity to listen to their personal story and for me to support their journey of traveling through life. I was given a beautiful gift during this time away and I am very grateful.

About Trish Kalhagen
Trish is certified in Spiritual Direction from Spirations Institute in Iowa, and certified as Reiki Master from Healing Partners in Iowa and Koru Ceremony in Wisconsin. She has facilitated workshops, support groups, and women’s sacred circles. Trish has supported adults in Hospice Care and Gilda’s Club.

To contact Trish or learn more about her work, visit Sacred Moments.

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