Friday, July 28, 2017

Healing Back Pain Beliefs

Written By Don Shetterly

Some days I scratch my head at how people approach issues in life.  Healing back pain is one of those.  I grew up with a father who had constant back pain, and I'm still nauseated by the smell of Absorbine Junior.  For some reason, I was one of the "chosen ones" that got to apply this to him, but that's another story for another time.

Of course, I know his back pain hurt, and I know it bothered him.  He tried every product known under the sun.  They all promised "relief" of course, and if they did, he bought them.  However, very few if any worked.  Those were the days before back surgery, and before Oxycontin and Opioid usage were prevalent like it is today.

Today, it is the just about the same as it once was then.  We do all kinds of "procedures" and "surgeries" and "pain meds" to relieve the pain.  In the alternative therapy world, there are many "healing procedures" that promise to get rid of the pain.  Unfortunately, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but so many of these things just don't work.  Why?   Because they aren't approaching the entire body and mind together.

In a recently released movie documentary called ALL THE RAGE, Michael Galinsky showed through his own life history how much Dr. John Sarno, M.D., helped heal back pain.  Sarno's ideas were revolutionary at the time, and he was ostracized by much of the medical establishment, but he did help many people.  John Stossel and Howard Stern cannot sing high enough praises for Dr. Sarno, claiming he helped save their lives,

Dr. Sarno's concepts were not packaged in a once daily, ready-to-take pill, yet they worked!  They worked because he understood how our feelings and emotions, stresses and experiences in life impacted the physical body in ways that defied medicine.  He saw beyond the physical, and connected the body and mind together.

Unfortunately, when you try to share this with people, they are skeptical at best and dismissive at worse.  They don't want to hear what you have to say.  They ignore it, dismiss it and look at you like you are crazy.  You don't know their pain, so you know nothing.

The same thing happened to Dr. John Sarno.  People would bring in their medical tests, X-rays, and CT scans to prove that there was something physically wrong with them.  Yet, that was like looking through a pair of glasses and only seeing the color green and nothing else.  He looked beyond it and saved many people from surgery while helping them find lasting relief.

Many years ago, reporter John Stossel did a 20/20 story on Dr. John Sarno.  Even though Stossel knew how effective Dr. Sarno's concepts were, his own brother, who was a doctor, didn't believe it.  I remember in that report how John was saying, "but it helped me", yet that was not proof enough for his brother.  It appeared that his brother's paradigms were getting in the way.

I recently shared this with someone I know, and they immediately dismissed me.  This individual did not even take the time to check it out.  I was wrong, and they were right.  I didn't understand what their pain was about, they told me.  I didn't know what I was talking about, they said.  They called me crazy.  They called me a few other things.

Then I remembered that in the movie documentary, All The Rage, Dr. Sarno said to someone that people just would not listen.  He advised them to move on and let it go.  I'm paraphrasing here, of course.  He reasoned that if someone would not listen, there was not much you could do and you were wasting your time.

In the case of Conversion Disorder, which I have dealt with in my own life, many have laughed at me and thought I don't have a clue what I was talking about.  They have mocked me, dismissed me,and flat out just told me how wrong and stupid I am.  Yet, I see them continue to struggle with Conversion Disorder.  I know you can heal from it.  The help is available but far too many do not want to go in and do the hard work required to heal.  They just want the magic pill to make it all go away.

When presented with information, we can either dismiss it and turn away, or we can see how it could apply.  We can call it crazy and ill-informed or we can see if there is an element of truth in it.  Now, I'm not saying everything is full of truth, but there are elements of truth in everything.  The rest is filler material and beliefs.

Whether we go further into our own awareness and healing, or we sit back in our lounge chairs watching the same old life movies play over and over., is up to each of us.  I can't make that decision for you and neither can anyone else.  That has to come from within you, and whether you are aware or not, you're making a choice each day in your own life.

Be sure to watch out for the movie documentary, All The Rage, because it is a good movie to see.

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