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What Type Of Reading Is Right For Me?

(Written by A Happy Medium, Amanda)

Which type of reading is right for me?

When I'm having conversations with friends and clients, I'm often asked about the difference between card readings and mediumship readings and which is "better."

There are a lot of different forms of divination: tarot cards, oracle cards, mediumship, dowsing (pendulum), runes, sticks, you name it!

It's hard for me to tell you what type of reading is best for you right now. You really need to decide what it is you are looking for to make a better-informed decision. Have you lost a relative or friend that you are looking to connect with? In that case, I'd recommend a mediumship reading.

Once you have a purpose in mind for the reading or the information you are seeking, you can make a more informed choice on the type of reading you need at this time.

What is a Medium?

 A medium is someone who channels spirit. What does that mean? Mediums can work in lots of different ways. Some are clairvoyant (they "see" things in their mind's eye), some, like me, are clairaudient (they "hear" information), some are clairsentient (they "feel" information), some are claircognizant (they just "know" information), and some work with a combination of the "clairs". My clairvoyance is developing the more I use it.

I can only really speak for myself as a medium, but mediums work with the past and the present, not so much the future. At least for me, that is true. If you are looking for a reading that's going to give you messages about lost loved ones, you want to see a medium.

Generally a medium clears their working space, sets an intention for the reading, grounds and protects and asks for spirit to come in and speak through them with any messages that are needed at this time.

It's interesting because I will ask for this information before a client comes and for me, it's like switching on a light. I may sense a male energy, I can tell what age it is, and usually, they tell me how they died because that's how a lot of spirits identify themselves. So for example, I could have a client sit down, and I could say, "The first energy presenting for you is an older male energy. This feels to me like a father or grandfather. I'm having difficulty breathing, which is an indication that the cause of death had something to do with the lungs."

Many of the messages I receive in these readings are about gratitude and their safe passage to the other side. Sometimes they tell me who came to get them. As I start with the first energy, others will often step forward. This man I sensed in my example may have his wife standing slightly behind him. If you have a huge family, I could have a room full of people that I can see inside my head.

Mediumship can be useful for finding things which are lost as well, although I haven't had a ton of success with it, but I did find someone's passport once! That falls more into the realm of remote viewing, which is different and very cool. I don't know a ton about it, but am just learning about it now.  You might also want to see a medium if you have a lot of activity happening in your house and you are looking for insights into who it is and why they are there. Maybe you'd like someone to sage your house and bless it. Mediums can do this as well.

What is a Card Reader?

If you are looking for a reading based on the future, I would recommend a tarot or oracle card reader. These are people who have tarot or oracle decks which are shuffled, drawn and placed into spreads to answer specific questions.

I read oracle cards regularly and incorporate them as a value add to my mediumship. I use them at the end of my readings to confirm the things we have discussed in your reading. Tarot readings are more structured, and readers will use card spreads that can lay out an overview for the next year, or specific to a certain situation including the outcome.

There are very gifted tarot readers out there, and most of them use a mix of intuitive hits and the cards in concert with each other. If you like logic, tarot cards may be for you. The cards are right in front of you and can be read right side up or reversed. Usually, when tarot cards are reversed, they signify a blockage or the card is read for the opposite of the meaning. I guess what I'm trying to say is that tarot is versatile and can have a lot of variety in the types of readings.

Which Is Better?

Okay, okay. You've explained the two types of readings - which is better?

Only you can decide which type of reading you need. The rules are basically the same. Come in with an open mind and walk out the same way. Figure out what you are looking for in the reading. Don't know anyone who has passed away? Not looking for information from those on the other side? I'd suggest going to a card reader at that point. However, even if you don't have people on the other side you know, mediums can connect to your guides, guardians and angels and your higher self.

Divination has been around for as long as people have been around and it's very personal choosing the type of reading you resonate with. I've said it in prior posts, and I'll say it again: Take the time to look around at potential readers. Look at photographs, read their blogs, view their social media platform. See how you feel about them, and feel free to call them and ask questions, ask for references and testimonials if you like.

You can always tell the reader what you are looking for and they will tell you how they feel about the reading. A reader working in integrity will refer you to a different reader who will fit your needs if they are not able to do the reading for you.

Good readers want you to get what you need, and they will help you get it by referring you to others in the community. Also, they may have good insight about what type of reading you may be looking for, so it never hurts to reach out, and we are always willing to talk about this work!

You want to talk about my mediumship activities? Do you have all day? *wink*

Until the next time!

 - Amanda (A Happy Medium)

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