Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Judging Negative People Is Not Human

I know, we all do it.  We claim we don't, but we do.  We'd like to think we don't, yet I bet if your life was under a magnifying glass, we would see this in full display.

Some are better at not doing it than others.  Some just seem to struggle with it all the time.

Judging negative people is not human.  We may think it is.  Our ego may convince us that it is, but to a person that is conscious, judgment is not a healthy thing.  It originates from the ego and is fed by the ego.

If you think that people are too negative or they are so negative that you must expel them from your life, you are judging them.  Who is to say you are right and they are wrong?  Who is to say that their level of negativity is too much?  It is a judgment call, not fact-based, even though every day I see people claim they have the right facts.

Screaming out for help...

Sometimes that individual is walking through a pretty hot fire and they are screaming out for help.  Yes, it is true that often times people do not really want the help because all they know to do in that moment is scream out in pain.  It is all they are equipped to do.  To shun them means they must walk alone, and sometimes those roads get pretty lonely.

Judging others does no good for them and quite frankly, it does no good for us.  It may make us feel like we are taking charge in life, but if you leave those that are struggling to stand up in the ditch, what good is that?  What good is it to put yourself in a position to judge others, when all you're doing is making yourself into a person that is not truly human?

A broader connection...

Often when things in other people bother us (including their negativity), it is because there is a broader connection.  There is something about that which makes us uncomfortable.  Maybe we haven't healed that part of our life.  Maybe we are still stuck in something unpleasant.  People cross our paths for a reason, and while shunning them is a choice you make, let it not be the only choice you entertain.

People are hurting in this world and they often need to know someone cares.  We pass memes along all day long and make statements, but we so often fail to see the full impact of those things.  Our words can become a knife slashed about to others who are already hurting.

Judgment stops healing and love...

When I've been in deep healing moments with other people, the judgment stops the healing from happening. It blocks love.  It is when you get rid of the judgment that the person knows you are real, authentic, and you are there for them.  The body and the mind know this from an innate level.  No words have to be spoken to understand this.

When we judge people we deem to be negative, we're not only elevating ourselves to a level that is not ours, but we're forcing them to go hide in a cave of loneliness, despair, and shame.  Let us rise to the occasion and see what the negativity means to our own life so maybe we can heal something we have not yet fully healed.


It is far better to help a limping person walk than to kick out their good knee.  Judging negative people is where we kick out the good knee and then look at them in disgust because they cannot stand.

We are far too quick to judge, and far too slow to truly understand how to love others and ourselves.  Judgment comes from judging ourselves first and we propagate it to all others.  By learning to show love to ourselves, we'll learn more how to show love to all.

And yes, there are some people that come through our lives that really push the limits.  Sometimes it is helpful to flee or take a rest from them, but to do so with unconditional love.

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