Wednesday, May 3, 2017

I Connect With Love

It is too easy these days to lock love up in the closet and say, "we will let you out when we are ready".  It seems that way in our society and in the world.  We need love so badly these days, but by shoving it into a deep dark cave, we're starving the world of so much.

I strive to connect with love, but sometimes as much as I hope to do this, I still fail.  Sometimes I see the faults in others.  Sometimes I think others should be this way or that way.

Sometimes I scream out in frustration at how I see the inhabitants of the world behaving.  Sometimes it is hard for me to connect with love.

If I catch myself, I take a step back and try to open my eyes further.  I try to see that which I am not seeing in others.  I try to see where it attaches to me in the things I get worked up about in my day.  For I know that if I am seeing the things I dislike in others, there is something about myself that I am not seeing clearly. 

When I connect with love, it is not about seeing the faults of another.  It is not about judging what they do or say or how they act.  It is not highlighting deficiencies my ego may see in another.  It is about accepting the person as they are in that moment.

It is not easy to do this...

I'll agree with what you may be thinking.  It is not easy to do this.  As many times as I succeed, I fall flat on my face.  Of course, I say this if I am only being truly honest with myself.  The rest of the time, it is just too easy to portray to others that I've got it all together when in reality, I'm just another human learning to walk the face of this earth.

Being real and authentic in how I connect with love is by far the greatest gift I can give humanity and the world.  Without unconditional, no-strings-attached love, we're only torturing ourselves and the rest of humanity.  The more we puff our ego up and hold ourselves to be something we are not, the more we will trip over the stones in our own path.

Love is not about announcing to the world just how enlightened you are or how much you love others.  Love is truly an action that is readily seen by all other inhabitants.  Words are not necessary to truly see love in action.

I wish everyone could connect with love more, but I cannot control the actions of others.  I can only control that which I put into the world and give to myself.  I can only control how I connect with love.

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