Monday, January 24, 2011

Turning Points and Manifesting Change

In reading the book "Manifesting Change" by Mike Dooley, I read a part that at first I thought didn't apply to me. As I went through the exercise on page 69, I realized that yes, it does apply. In fact, I did not realize it was a turning point for me. The events were personal and I'd rather not share them publicly but until I sat down and did this exercise, I had almost missed the significance of them.

In the exercise, you start by listing the turning point in your life, hopefully one that has recently taken place. Then, you list the circumstances that led you to this turning point. Lastly, you write down all the ways that this has affected your life. It is a rather simple exercise that shows you a great deal about a turning point in your life that you might otherwise miss. In fact, it helps you see other things that may very likely give you more insight into the future of your life and how you manifest change.

On page 71, I liked his quote "Settle for nothing less and behave as if you knew your success was inevitable." This is such a profound quote and yet it is so simple.

Continuing on page 71, he also states, "the only other thing required of you is that you show up, taking action in the general direction of your dreams so that you can meet with "accidents" and "serendipities" that will allow the Universe's plan to unfold without a hitch."

Wow.. one of those ah ha moments in life! Sometimes it is not easy to follow one's dreams and inner prompting of where you are going. Sometimes it takes forever to get there and there are challenges along the way. If we show up, take action towards the general directions of our dreams, things will unfold. We do not need to know the steps we have to take, we just need to be willing to walk the path.

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