Tuesday, January 4, 2011

In Memory Of What My Mom Gave Me

On January 4, 2002, I lost my mom in a traffic accident. That day would becoming a marking point of not only a significant amount for me to emotionally deal with but it would be a significant day of change in my life. From that point forward, so much changed for me in my life for the positive.

As a result of that day, I changed directions in my life and went to massage school. In addition to that, I recorded and released my first CD, "Dancing With Life' which was a tribute to the healing that I experienced at the result of losing my mom.

Of course the family issues are still there which I doubt will ever be easily solved. And at this point in my life, I have made it so far into moving past these things that I no longer worry much about the hope for resolution. It is hard to get people to go in and look at things they don't want to look at. Like I said - I'm at a point where I no longer hold that as my issue. It is more important for me to heal my life and become all that I can be.

As I reflect back though on my mom's life, I realize just all that she had to endure. She always seemed to make the most of a bad situation and always tried to put on the happy face. However, in order for her to do that she had to hide all the hell that was taking place.

I've blocked out many things in my life and had to do this in order to survive. Some of the extreme horrors that I faced early on in life were ones I'm not sure my mom truly knew about. In our house, there were many secrets. In our house, no one talked about those secrets. I have only one letter from my mom suggesting that she was aware of some "skeletons" in the closet but that's about all I know.

Thinking about her death brings many of these things front and center for me. There were so many questions I wanted to ask her but never got the opportunity to do that. I miss her greatly at times but I do know that I can talk to her at any time. It just isn't the same without her.

If you would like to see the memorial page that I put up for my mom after she died, you can go to the following website page (click here) . It has remained up on the internet every year since that time.

After my mom's death, I did not know if I could make it or if I could go on another day. However, I found out once again in life that even with all that I have been through, there is hope and possibility that life will go on!

No matter what, she will always be part of my life.

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  1. I like the pic Don, and that you used something so traumatic and sad to do good things. I think that says a lot about your inner strength that you can choose to put the sad and painful energy to good use.

  2. Our eternal spirits never extinquish and your beautiful/beloved mom is always with you. sometimes we don't hear them..but they are there and they do hear us..How blessed she is remembered by you and all whom she loved and touched. Life is like a web, we are a part of all whom we came with and meet. Love never ends only extends..blessings to you,Happy New Year..and to those adorable Kitty Cats too...






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