Thursday, September 22, 2016

Our Thoughts And Energy Impacts Everyone

I know this, but sometimes I forget it.  You know, how our presence impacts the world around us.  It really does, whether we know it or not or whether we see it or not.

The other day I was helping do some therapy work and realized that my presence was connecting with people long before we spoke.  It is like a language that is communicated between myself and others without a word spoken or touch given.  I think I've realized this before now, but it was just brought home in a real way for me.

It is a deep connection though where the other person knows if they can trust you or not or if you're safe or not.  It is a deep connection where they just know that you're there out of compassion and love, when no exchange has happened.  Words can't fool people, because our presence speaks the truth.

I sense these things in other healers and just because someone is a healer, it doesn't mean they have the "right vibe" or "energy level" that makes them safe.  Being safe is one of the much needed requirements for any healing work.  I've been around far too many that act one way in session work, but act totally different to me outside of that.  I've been around far too many that proclaim they have something to offer, but I can see right through them.

We just know...

In many ways, we all interact with one another using these same concepts.  We know without a moment's thought, who is trustworthy and safe, and who is someone that you want to avoid or get away from quickly.  We know and sense far more than we realize.  More often than not, we hide what we know and sense for fear of being laughed at by others.

If you ever watch a cat, dog, horse, or other animal interact with people, you can see that they quickly size up a human.  They know quickly what is going on with that person and they don't even have to be next to the person.  I've seen it in sheep that I had while in high school who would run from some people and follow me just about anywhere I wanted them to go.  Animals know and understand what humans often fail to see.

If we realize just how much our thoughts and energy, actions and words impacted others - we would think differently about the things we say and our behaviors.  Why not have a positive impact on the world and those around you by being aware of the "vibe" you put out.  You do it regardless, so why not make it a good one and help better the world.

You could be something so good for another person, or just one more difficult moment they have to deal with in their day.

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