Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Listen With Respect and Talk Out Of Love

The old saying that you can attract more bees with honey is true.  In these days, we try to see just how much we can talk down to one another, call each other names, and treat others as if they are just nothing more than something that should be obliterated.

All you have to do is take a look at any social media feed about the election.  It isn't just one side either.  I've seen it all which ways.  No one respects the other person.  They just begin the constant barrage of treating others as if they have no clue.

I've seen it from members of my own family as they not only do this currently in political discussions, but also we grew up in this way.  We would pray and sing with others in church on Sunday morning as if we were all one big family of God.  When we walked out the doors and got in the car, it was then that our family talked smack about everyone.

Heck, I still struggle with this today.  I write about it and while I'm projecting this to the world, I feel like I'm writing to myself.  Now, maybe I don't do it as bad as some and I sure don't spread it along on social media, but boy can I falter and put myself up on a pedestal at times.  I'm not perfect either and sometimes I get disgusted by what I see myself saying and doing.

Need to learn to respect one another...

I keep trying and I wish others would do the same.  We need to learn to respect one another.  No one is going to listen to what you say if all you do is bad mouth them and put them down or call them names.  If you just scream, don't expect anyone to listen.

On the other hand, if you can look at someone with respect and love, then your words will flow more to a receptive ear.  If you can share with them what you see and why you see something, more than likely they will listen to you.  It is when we spend the time sharing ideas and beliefs with respect, that we begin to either solidify our positions, or become much smarter as we listen to others.

Listen out of respect.  Talk with love.  Proclaim what you know with an open heart and mind.  These things will drastically improve the world and as we change the world, so will we change and improve ourselves.

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