Friday, September 9, 2016

We Fail To Look At Our Own Faults

Attention all humans, this blog post may make all of us a little uncomfortable.  In my view, that's okay because sometimes we need to be challenged a little bit.  We need to be pushed out of our comfort zone.  I promise though, I'll do it with love and ease and compassion.

One of the things I grew up with was living in a house where we criticized others.  Other people weren't good enough.  They didn't do things right.  They weren't righteous enough.  They weren't smart enough or nice enough.  They just didn't measure up.

In fact, even within the house, there was always someone in the doghouse because they weren't good enough or didn't follow directions and commands as dictated by my father and God almighty.  If you didn't measure up, you were shunned, pushed aside and ridiculed.

Today in our society, I see far too often where we point the fingers at other people, but we hold ourselves up as we are better than others.  Whether it is politics or religion or in our little society clicks, we tend to do this.  We see the stick in our brother's eye but we don't see the log in our own eye.

We go on social media or we join in causes pointing out just how bad the "others" are in our society.  We proclaim how unenlightened and stupid they are.  We proclaim how they are like sheep.  We create conspiracy theories to prove our points.  We have our facts as we know them to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are right and others are wrong.

Yet, we don't stop and look at ourselves.  I'm not talking about other people who don't stop and look at themselves.  I'm talking about each one of us, myself included.  We find their faults, but we see our life as perfect.  We find their faults, but we fail to even begin to understand the work we need to do on ourselves.

It is epidemic and it increases more with each day that goes by.  It is sad because when we point the finger of blame and accusation while holding ourselves up on a pedestal, it is then that we have lost site of what it means to be human.  We have lost the love that we proclaim we have.  We have lost the compassion and respect for others which we think we have.

It isn't up to any leader, political or religious or others, to change this.  This change has to start within us, even if we think it should start in others.  This change has to begin in our life.  It needs to be from the core and depth of our being, not just from the words we speak but with action.

If we want this world to prosper for all and to continue, we must begin changing ourselves.  Our change must not be dependent upon what others tell us to think or what they do.  In order to grow as an individual, it becomes a necessity to change ourselves.

We can and we do impact and influence this world.  Unfortunately in these times, it seems like more negativity is being spewed on social media and in our casual acquaintances than ever before.  Surely we can do better than this.  Surely we can be more than we are.  Before we all run off the cliff hanging on to our own beliefs, may we wake up and heed the warning lights.

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