Friday, March 11, 2016

Rabble Rousers

I try to be an optimist with people, but more and more, it is increasingly difficult to stay this way.  I see the politics in full swing and the politicians are trying to out do one another.  Every statement they make, every flyer they send out and every ad they run on TV is evidence of the ego grandstanding for all the world to see.

It is sad really, because I don't think it enhances the process.  Everything is political these days and I mean everything. You cannot say a word or a thought or a tweet without it being a political motivation of the liberal verses the conservative, right vs the left or us against them.

There is no middle ground.  There is no respect with for one another.  There is no human decency in how we view each other.  We just mutilate, destroy, lie, cheat, and obliterate anyone who doesn't subscribe to our way of thinking.

I'm wondering if this is what everyone thinks will help the continuation of our species on this planet.  Do we honestly think that this is advancing humans on this earth?

Often in our day, we are slammed with criticisms, critiques, and negative gossip that do nothing to raise our vibrations, our spirit, or our outlook on life. Hope And Possibility Through Trauma by Don Shetterly (pg 149)

If we are mortified by what our politics of humanity has become, then why are we adding to it?  Why are we gulping up the media, the news, the TV ads and the speeches these people are giving?  If we don't like it, our participation says the opposite.  Our participation in the consumption of these rabble rousers says we agree with what is going on.  It says we are as much to blame as the people that are making crazy talk.

They say a rabble rouser is someone that has the intention of inflaming the emotions of a crowd or group of people just to basically get a rise out of others.  At one time we would have looked at someone like this in society as being like the boy who cried wolf.  Now, we look at those people as our leaders.

It is disturbing to say the least.  We are tearing our brothers and sisters down in the name of winning.  It doesn't matter if it is the truth as long as it is truthiness.

These days, we claim how Christian we are, but how our current system exemplifies that to be Christian is to say one thing and do another.  The teaching we are seeing by Christians is beyond my comprehension in how degrading and selfish it has become.  It is anything but healthy and balanced in my view or from at least what I was taught.

I can't help but think that if a Kindergarten child acted the way these adults do in our public discourse, that they would be punished and put in a time-out in the corner of the room.  Yet, we do the same thing we would punish them for and we do it on the news, all the time expecting our children to be much different.  Each person that participates in this or consumes it, are the rabble rousers and yet, we get upset when our children mimic our own actions.

We need to stop in this country and wake up to what we are doing to one another.  We are not helping the world advance.  Instead, we are tearing the fabric of humanity and society apart.  If we don't watch out, one day we will wake up in a morning and not even begin to recognize each other or where we live.

Maybe instead of just being a rabble rouser, we could actually discover what being human is.  No, it isn't what other people think they need us to become.  It is what we need to become.

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